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5734 Wraps By The Dozen


5734: Wraps By The Dozen

5734 Wraps By The Dozen

5734 Wraps By The Dozen


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Want to create a versatile wardrobe of wraps for yourself, or need a variety of designs for prayer shawls and friendship wraps? This book from Judith A. Thompson and Carla Rae Miller has 12 great choices, from dressy to casual. They’re all simple to crochet using medium weight yarn, and our free online videos will help you finish with ease! In each design, the pattern echoes from the center vertically to create matching ends or horizontally to create matching edges. 12 designs: Statuesque, Zesty, Passionate, Charming, Cozy, Togetherness, Frolic, Romance, Joy, Diamonds, Elegance, and Whimsy.

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