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Lion Brand Yarn

  • Lion Brand Color Inspiration: Millennial Pink

    Millennial Pink, Blush, Coral...however it's referred to, I guarantee that you've seen this shade everywhere. Leisure Arts is giving you some color inspiration with a hue that was seen round the world last year. The pink color might have been a trendy tone in 2018, but Lion Brand Yarns is bringing it back in their collection,  Lion Brand's Colors of the Year for 2019! Every month, we do a blog post and recommend some awesome yarn, and fun patterns! Our current color inspiration is Millennial Pink, if you haven't guessed yet. Here's more on the color:

    Millennial Pink

    Image from Lion Brand Colors of the Year Blog Post

    "2019 Marks the first year that all children born in the new millennia are officially adults. This utterly modern orange tinged pink is no longer the saccharine pastel of baby layettes, it has taken on a more grown up attitude. 

    Pastels in general have evolved beyond the nursery while sophisticated brights and neutrals are trending in babywear."

    Millennial Pink

    Wool Ease - Blush Heather - 126495

    Millennial Pink

    Wool Ease Thick & Quick - Blossom -126537

    A grown up color for our new grown ups! However, Millennial Pink is the type of shade that is versatile for all ages, despite its name (and trust us, it goes by many names).We have the perfect yarns from our website that match this ideal of timeless color. Wool Ease - Blush Heather is that perfect muted shade, and pairs with a lot of colors as a great accent. Our second choice, Wool Ease - Thick and Quick Blossom, has a punched up vibrancy to it, perfect for a bright spot in a dull room.

    We curated a variety of projects that would look perfect in Millennial Pink, even if the designs aren't for millennials specifically.  So, find your favorite craft medium, and see if you've added another project on your crafty to-do list!


    Light Accents and Little Rugs

    Milennial Pink

    Lacy Wraps - 6995

    Milennial Pink

    Half Moon Rugs -

    The great thing about Millennial Pink is the versatility of the shade. Because there are so many variations of the pink, you can saturate your space with the vibrant tone, or you can play it low key with a muted down version. This distressed wrap from Lacy Wraps is the perfect understated style icon that can go with any outfit. Made with delicate yet long lasting yarn, this wrap will keep you warm and stylish. If you’re looking to liven up a dull room, or add some personality to your front entryway, a Half Moon Rug is the perfect project for you. This millennial pink rug perfectly balances the heather gray in the couch, and paired with the perfect matching throw pillow, your living room look is unstoppable. 

    ----------------------------QUILT / SEW----------------------------

    Chunky Scarves and Purl Weave

    Millennial pink is one of those tones that looks great over multiple mediums and textures. These two projects in knit show the range that this lovable color has to offer.

    Make Your 1st Baby Afghan - Book 7354

    Millennial Pink

    Casual Weekend Knits - Book 7373

    Casual Weekend Knits is one of our recent releases with designer Andi Javori, who just recently took part in our Designer Takeovers for National Craft Month. The book shows a delightful group of projects that are perfect for a stroll around town, or a laid-back day with friends and family, like this minimalist blush scarf. On the flip side, you have this heavily textured, and carefully arranged afghan from Make your 1st Baby Afghan by Marly Bird, who also took part in our National Craft Month Takeovers! This project plays with different yarn weights and linework to masterfully mesh this dusty rose color with a lush lavender. No matter what side of the stitch you’re on, you have to admit that blush is looking pretty versatile right now! 


    Florals and Fringe - Millennial Pink Accessories

    When you hear Millennial Pink, or Blush, the words sound very soft and delicate. But, you can use this color for projects with an edge too. These two projects that we’ve curated for craft are the perfect counterparts. 

    Millennial Pink

    Paper Flowers - Book 7241

    Millennial Pink

    Boho Jewelry - Book 7235

    Since National Proposal Day just passed, you know we had to include a wedding project. These delicate and easy to make Paper Flowers are perfect for an ethereal centerpiece at a wedding party, but they can also double as a flirty and fun table display at birthday party! This project shows off the feminine and delicate side to millennial pink. 

    Bring a little edge to your wardrobe with these boho chic earrings from Boho Jewelry. Add some earthy browns or shimmering golds to your bead selection, and then it’s as easy as stringing them up1 for bonus fashion points, add a little bit of fringe (because who doesn’t love a good tassel?). 

    ----------------------------QUILT / SEW----------------------------

    Blush Patterns and Beautiful Blankets

    Our Saltwater Taffy Collection is one of our more popular quilt and sew books, because of the classic stripes and adorable color palettes! Even though this is an older book of ours, the patterns still feature this beautiful shade of millennial pink, 

    Millennial Pink

    Salt Water Taffy - Book 6973

    Millennial Pink

    Salt Water Taffy - Book 6973

    Using vintage fabrics in this modern pink allows you to mix and match styles, like this bed spread. The blush is perfectly accented with a nice dotted magenta fabric, and the multi-colored flowers bring a rainbow of fun into the design. IF you have leftovers, what better use for scraps than these adorable little trinket bags! Bring on the vintage look wherever you go. 

    Remember, these are just our suggestions! We're here to bring you inspiration, you choose your own path afterwards. Tune in every month for our color inspiration posts, and see if you find your new favorite hue!

    If you make any projects in this brilliant blush shade, tag us @leisureartsinc with #LeisureLife. We love to see what's going on in your studios!

    Stay Creative!

    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Color Concoctions with Leisure Life and Lion Brand: Anthurium

    We've got new inspiration coming your way, makers! We know you've heard a lot of "New Year, New You" talk from Leisure Arts this month, but now we're seeing red. More specifically, Anthurium! We're kicking off a campaign inspired by Lion Brand's Colors of the Year for 2019! Lion Brand Yarn chose 12 fresh and unique colors to live by for 2019, and we fell in love. Every month, we're going to do a blog post, and recommend some awesome yarn based on the featured color, and fun projects that match the meaning of the hue! This month, we want you to close out January with projects in brilliant Anthurium red, the first color in Lion Brand's List. Here's more on the color!

    Anthurium Anthurium Spread - Lion Brand Notebook

    "This bright pop of color gets its name from the Anthurium flower, a bloom native to the Americas. The color inspires warmth, strength and opulent texture. The waxy finish on the petals evokes a subtle sheen that seems not from nature. 

    Bright red has slowly made its way into the neutral palette as it has been adopted into almost every collection of runway designers and we are not complaining."


    Sounds energetic! We have the best Lion Brand Red Yarns for this theme (above). Hometown USA - Cincinnati Red is so saturated, you'd think it's pure pigment, and paired with a more somber tone like Heartland-Redwood, it's an unstoppable combination.

    Hometown USA - Cincinnati Red Hometown USA - Cincinnati Red
    Heartland - Redwoods Heartland - Redwoods








    We picked out some of the perfect projects that represent strength, warmth and are full of fun and opulent textures. Find your preferred craft expertise, and take a look!



    Heroes VS Monsters! Anthurium Inspiration

    We're bringing you strength in the most inspiring form there is: superheroes! Huggable Superheroes is the perfect book for the superhero in your life. Crochet the villains away as you create cute and quirky heroes of all different superpowers. Charles, The Crimson Defender (bottom left), is wearing a signature bright and bold Anthurium-esque red, because he knows it gives him strength to protect his civilians.

    Anthurium Huggable Superheroes - Book 7414
    Anthurium Amigurumi Monsters - Book 7098










    Lurking in the shadows, ready to take over the city, are these warm and cozy monsters from Amigurumi Monsters! They use their warm and fuzzy look to hypnotize makers into crocheting hundreds of these patterns, until they have an army big enough to take over the living rooms of every family. Which side will you choose?



    Warm Eclectic Kitchen Helpers

    Get creative in the kitchen with these fun and functional kitchen potholders from Make in a Weekend Potholders and Dishcloths! Give your kitchen that pop of Anthurium, and add some character to your countertops with these dishcloth and potholder patterns that you can make in just one weekend.

    Anthurium Make in a Weekend Potholders & Dishcloths - book 75653
    Anthurium Make in a Weekend Potholders & Dishcloths - book 75653











    Channel your inner Johny Appleseed with the orchard apple potholder (top left), or read rotten tomato reviews while knitting this vibrant tomato pattern, that can be used as a potholder or dishcloth! The color might be red hot, but you won't burn your hand on these bold kitchen beauties.



    Opulent Texture & Rainbow Surprises

    One of the words to describe our dashing shade of red was opulent texture. What better design to work with than this DIY chandelier from Crazy About Pom-Poms! This lantern is blooming with multiple colors and beautiful filters, but (in our opinion), the most prominent accent in the pom-pom clusters are the brilliant light and dark red pom-poms.

    Anthurium Crazy About Pom-Poms - Book 7277
    Anthurium Crazy about Pom-Poms - Book 7277










    Adding these fun surprises of color to this light fixture draws out the playfulness in your space. In our example (above right), we see how brilliant the room looks washed in the subtle filtered light, and the rainbow accents draw the decor in the room into a cohesive look.


    ----------------------------QUILT / SEW----------------------------

    Strength & Creativity In One Fidget Friendly Package

    You don't have to be a Yarnist to celebrate this color, you can play with fabrics and threads too! This stunning red project from Fidget To Focus ticks all of the boxes that make a great project. It's a fun flannel, with unique additions that make you think outside of the box, and most importantly, it strengthens your mind.

    Anthurium Fidget To Focus - Book 7219
    Anthurium Fidget To Focus - Book 7219










    Fidget To Focus is a book that's designed to help people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, and other cognitive challenges. With the help of  6 activity aids, these fidget friendly projects help keep fingers busy and minds focused. Strength is one of the words that Anthurium embodies, and strength of mind is one of the most important qualities to have.


    These are just snapshots of what you can create in this bright red! We're here to bring you inspiration, you choose your own path afterwards. Tune in every month for our color inspiration posts, and see if you find your new favorite hue!

    If you make any projects in bright reds like Anthurium, tag us @leisureartsinc with #LeisureLife. We love to see what's going on in your studios!


    Stay Creative!


    -Leisure Arts Team




  • Textured Super Scarves

    Crocheted Super Scarves are all the rage and our favorite Super Scarves designer is back with a sequel!  In Textured Super Scarves, we see our favorite scarves with creatively delicious twists. Today's Guest Blogger, Bonne Barker, is here today to talk about the inspiration for her fabulous designs. Welcome Bonnie!

    Hello all you wonderful crocheters! My name is Bonnie Barker and I am so very thankful to have the opportunity to design for Leisure Arts, a company whose leaflets have been a part of my crocheting life since I was just a kid! Textured Super Scarves is my newest leaflet, and the second booklet on Super Scarves. Most of my designs incorporate crocheted cables in some way, so when asked to design without cables, I jumped at the opportunity to explore other fun areas of crochet.

    Textured Super Scarves by Bonnie Barker Textured Super Scarves by Bonnie Barker

    What makes a scarf SUPER?? Each super scarf is approximately 10’ long and 14” wide! When I was first asked to design scarves with these dimensions, it made me laugh out loud and say, “REALLY?” But after making a couple of these extravagant pieces, I wanted to keep them for myself instead of sending them in for publication! These aren’t just “scarves”. Yes, you surely can wear them as a scarf, but they also become a wonderful wrap that can be worn in a number of different ways! I’m not a size 4 model (never have been and never will be!), but that didn’t keep me from having some photo fun, and yes, in the middle of the summer too!

    Bonnie Barker Models a Super Scarf Creation Bonnie Barker Models a Super Scarf Creation

    The cover photo of this booklet features “Cascading Lace”, which features an open lace-like pattern with some surface texture.  The ends of this scarf is trimmed with classic crocheted pineapples.  I had used this lace texture in a small handbag design and thought it would look lovely in a long scarf.  What do you think?

    Cascading Lace Super Scarf Cascading Lace Super Scarf from Textured Super Scarves

    The Woven Plaid Super Scarf was an experiment in color, something I rarely do when designing cables. This stitch uses front post double crochets and front post treble crochets, both of which are easy to learn. (I have free video crochet tutorials on my Bonnie Bay Crochet Youtube channel to support many of the stitches used in my Leisure Arts patterns. You can find them here:

    Woven Plaid Scarf from Textured Super Scarves Woven Plaid Scarf from Textured Super Scarves

    I was particularly drawn to these colors after seeing another of my designs crocheted by my friend Mary Greene Cheripka. Her color selection was stunning, so I took the liberty to follow her example in my color choice for this scarf. Be sure to have a yarn needle on hand and a sharp pair of scissors. You’ll be hiding a lot of strands on this one, but it will be worth the effort. I also have a video to help you do this on my above mentioned channel!

    Bobbled Beauty Scarf from Textured Super Scarves Bobbled Beauty Scarf from Textured Super Scarves

    Bobbled Beauty was totally inspired by Premier’s Puzzle Yarn while shopping at a local craft store. I had never seen this yarn before and was determined to do something fun with it! I loved the longer color and texture changes. There won’t be any changing of yarns with this design since the yarn does all the work for you! This is another easy pattern, made up of double crochets, chains, and big bobbles.I also love how this scarf looks as if you had to change yarn for each row - but we can keep this as our little secret, ok? Premier’s Puzzle yarn offers a variety of color combinations to suit your personal preference.

    Maple Leaf Scarf from Textured Super Scarves Maple Leaf Scarf from Textured Super Scarves

    I saved my favorite design in this leaflet for last. (This is probably the most challenging design in the leaflet, but still very approachable, even for confident beginning crocheters.) I could not help but to have fond thoughts of my Canadian friends as I crocheted each maple leaf that appears as surface texture in this design. I originally designed this raised texture using front post stitches while making a blanket for a charity gift in remembrance for a young Canadian man who unexpectedly left this world way too soon. The maple leaf isn’t bold and tacky, but subtle.  I love the way the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn makes the leaves almost look like maple leaves in the fall as the color changes gradually.  Here’s a close up photo of the maple leaf motif:

    Maple Leaf Motif Maple Leaf Motif

    The leaves are framed using the double stitch (sc, dc), giving the scarf one of my favorite crocheted textures.  It is framed on both ends using post ribbing.

    If you get a chance to make any of these scarves, I would love to see!  You can always contact me on my website at, or follow me on my Bonnie Bay Crochet Facebook page.  I truly wish you all the best!

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