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  • Bead Bracelet

    I got some new books from Leisure Arts. The book that I was most inspired by is the Easy DIY Jewelry Book 2. You know how much I like buttons. Well getting to play with beads to me is equally fun. I wish I had some silver peace signs like in the book's project, Peace Sign Bracelet.  It was the one that I really liked. I have wrapped beads, made earrings and wine charms as gifts but I rarely make things for myself. This is my first bracelet and I chose real pretty green glass beads, and a couple of green gemstones with silver beads on both sides. I usually give the things that I make away as birthday, Christmas, and just-because-it-made-me-think-of-you gifts. This bracelet would make a great gift for a friend or family member for any occasion.


    I wrapped my beads on an eye pin, but before you wrap, put on another eye pin to make a chain for your next set of beads to wrap. Continue until you have the desired length you want. I used my wrist and a friend’s wrist to measure so that it’s not too small or tight. I used two pairs of needle nose pliers, a very small set that I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago, and another pair that I got at my local hardware store along with my wire cutters. The only thing that I did not have in my bead box were clasps. I will have to pick up some tomorrow at my craft store. I will then use two jump rings which I call o – rings. Have fun playing with your beads. I know that I will be after I restock a few things.

  • Birthday and Mother's Day Cards

    I have been so busy with making birthdays gifts in April that I completely forgot about Mother’s Day. So please don’t tell my mother!!! Even with all the TV and radio ads I guess in my head I thought I still had plenty of time. I like making my own gifts for my friends and family. I know in a previous blog post that I said my new favorite book is Crafting with Buttons and Ribbons by Leisure Arts. In this book I think my gift cards are called Gift Tags I thought they would look really cute cutout and glued onto blank cards that I found at Michael’s craft store.

    Birthday Cupcake Birthday Cupcake

    They have the templates in the book to help you make cards or tags. All you have to do is make a copy of it or trace it. I used tracing paper to trace the cupcake and the bird. You could probably even use white tissue paper if you don’t have any tracing paper. For the birthday cupcakes cards I used felt for the icing and the inside of a sleeve that they use for hot cups at Starbucks for the bottom. On my next cupcake that I plan on using tiny buttons for my sprinkles instead of tiny colorful bits of felt. But for my mother’s day card I used a piece of scrapbook paper for the bird, a piece of felt for the wing and a button for the eye. I just used good old fashioned Elmore’s glue to glue all the pieces onto the cards. Good Luck! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mamma’s from two legged babies to four legged fur babies!!

    Mother's Day Mother's Day
  • Birthday Bouquet

    I recently bought a jar filled with buttons that I found at an antique mall. I have been playing with buttons the last couple of weeks. Then came the fun part I stopped off at my favorite store the ‘Container Store’ to get something to put my new beads in. But before I started the first thing that I did was to wash the buttons because I didn't know where my new buttons have been. Once they were dry I sorted them according to size and color. I might be slightly O.C.D. but that’s OK. I don’t think I need an intervention just yet!

    I made two friends a Birthday Bouquet made of Button Flowers and I used some of my new buttons along with some buttons from my craft and sewing box. I found the image in Crafting with Buttons and Ribbons by Leisure Arts. I think that this book might be my favorite book that Leisure Arts has. So many cute things to make and too few hours in the day to try make them all some of the projects will have to wait to Christmas to do the button Christmas tree. But one project at a time if I start too many projects at once then they don’t get finished right away or I loose interest. I used 19 gauge wire, 2 to 4 buttons per flower stem. The tools that I used were crotchet hooks, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers. You will need some sort of vase. I tried a mason jar for a vase but I didn't like how it looked so I chose to use milk bottles for my vases.

    After wrapping the buttons I thought that my flowers needed some leaves so I contemplated going and getting some green seed beads and load them up and bend them to make leaves. I decided not to do that because I thought that green leaves would be way to busy and take away from the cute buttons. So I took like 2 feet of wire and slowly started wrapping the wire around the bottom of my Boye crochet hook keeping the wraps right next to each other and leave a good couple inches on the end that will be your stem for your leaf or whatever you want to call it. When I was done wrapping I slid it off my crochet hook and with my needle nose pliers I grabbed the top and pull to whatever length that I wanted. I used my size H and K crochet hook. I always have fun playing with wire. I hope that you give them a try. Oh!! With wrapping be careful that you don’t swing the wire around and into your eye.

    Button Flowers Button Flowers
  • Granny Square Pillow

    I have wanted some pillows for my sofa with bright fun colors. The pillows were either too cheap-looking or too pricey, so I decided to make my own. Granny Squares are fun, easy and quick; it only took a couple of days to do the front and put them together. The hardest part was choosing which color goes next. I used Encore yarn made by Plymouth Yarns. It is an acrylic wool blend yarn from my yarn stash; it's perfect for pillows. I didn't use a book to do my granny squares. If you don’t know how to do granny squares, here are two books to get you started Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Motifs and Granny Square Pillows Crochet E-Pattern.

    Granny Square Granny Square


  • Knook


    This week I learned how to use a Knook. I used the Knook for Kids kit by Leisure Arts and followed the instructions. I have to admit that I turned my nose up at learning how to Knook. I have knitted for almost 20 years and crocheted for about 5 years. Why do I need to learn how to Knook? I asked myself. Because you like to learn new things and challenge yourself is what I thought. So I gave it a go and I found that I liked using a Knook. I found the instructions to be very easy to follow. I even watched a video from the website that the book has - to make sure I had a full understanding.

    To practice my new Knooking skills, I Knooked three swatches: a garter stitch swatch which is just a knit stitch; a stockinette stitch swatch which is knit a row, purl a row; and, a rib stitch swatch which is knit two, purl two. The three swatches will make perfect coasters. I always need something to set my drinks on; my poor coffee table has several rings on it. They also make great little gifts that don’t take very long to knit up. Challenge yourself and learn something new this week.

    left garter stitch, middle stockinette stitch, and right rib stitch left garter stitch, middle stockinette stitch, and right rib stitch

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