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Cross Stitch

  • Diamond Art is Better Than Jigsaw Puzzles, and We Can Prove it!

    So, we've launched Diamond Art! By now you all have seen our wonderful new products floating around online and in craft stores near you. We've got a wide range of designs that go from simple cherry blossom branches, to full scale succulent gardens, and we love the feedback you guys have been giving us on every single kit. Hopefully you haven't just seen it in stores, but you've gone out and bought one to try for yourself!


    Diamond Art is an extremely relaxing craft, one that you can work on at your own pace, and on your own time. It's often compared to another relaxing craft that's been around a lot longer: jigsaw puzzles! But in our opinion, we're much better. Here's why!

    Diamond Art...Better Than Jigsaw Puzzles? I Don't Believe It.


    Believe it! Diamond Art is a more creative and dazzling alternative to the 'same old, same old' of jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles have always proven to be a problem in the long run. If you lose a piece, your project is ruined, the hunt to find the pieces takes forever and a half, and the finished product doesn't preserve well. Diamond painting is a stress relieving craft, with little work and effort for a beautiful result that will last you a lifetime.


    Convince Me. Why Is Diamond Art More Relaxing?

    Diamond Art Color Coding System Diamond Art

    Every space on your chart is color coded and charted out with a specific number code. The effort of finding your area to dazzle is so small, you won't even realize that you've finished half of your canvas already! Puzzles can be strenuous and time consuming. You spend hours trying to find the right piece that fits in the undesignated spot, and after that long adventure is finished, you have a really nice picture... broken up by lines from the cut pieces. With Diamond Art, you have an uninterrupted blissful picture that you don't have to break apart or Modge Podge.

    Diamond Painting Diamond Art Succulent Kit
    succulent-adv Dazzled Succulent Canvas


    The colors from the uncharted canvas are so The colors from the uncharted canvas are so close to the colors of the gems, that you don't really have to think about what you're dotting. just pick a gem pack and dot away! It can be easily stored for later too, so you can pick it up again on a rainy day. Our gems may be tiny, but if kept well, they are super easy to keep track of. The best part is that we provide you with 20 percent extra gems in your kits, just in case an accident happens!


    You Don't Have to Break It Apart? Tell Me More.

    Once you're done with your canvas, there are tons of options to show it off. Why stick with just a boring old picture frame, when you can have it on a pillow? Or, turn it into a wall hanging with extra crafts like yarn! You can even use the extra beads, and put them on your shoes. There are endless possibilities for displaying your new artwork, unlike a puzzle, which I promise you, would not look good glued to a pair of Reeboks.

    So, what are you doing piecing together that puzzle of a generic cottage in the woods, when you could be dazzling one of these great designs?


    White Cat Kit White Cat Kit
    Succulent Bowl Kit Succulent Bowl Kit
    Diamond Painting Lotus Kit
    Diamond Painting Hummingbird kit



















    You can pick up our freshly released Diamond Art kits online, or at a craft store near you.


    Wanna get inspired? Check out our social!


    Diamond Art Diamond Painting Group

    Diamond Art By Leisure Arts Facebook

    @la_diamondart on Instagram



    Happy Dip, Dot, and Dazzling!


    -Leisure Arts Team

  • Retro Christmas Cross Stitch

    Retro Christmas Cross Stitch Christmas is a super fun look at retro Christmas designs that will inspire thoughts of Norman Rockwell paintings and episodes of Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy!  We love the throwback cross stitch designs so much that we invited today's guest blogger, Lee Fisher, to talk about the inspiration for her fabulous designs in Retro Christmas Cross Stitch. Welcome Lee!

    Who doesn’t love Christmas?! The colorful lights, the sound of old familiar carols being sung, the stockings hung on the mantle above a crackling fire, the fragrant aroma of turkey or ham filling the house as one by one friends & family arrive. Gathered in the living room with the Christmas tree all a twinkle & trimmed with decorations that span the years, inevitably the conversation will turn to Christmases past and the memories of childhood.

    These were the thoughts running through my mind as I created the designs for Retro Christmas Cross Stitch. I wanted to capture those images which seem so familiar to our own childhood and the Christmases of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    When I was growing up we had a big, fat, floor to ceiling artificial Christmas tree with tons of decorations but among my favorites were the frosted gingerbread houses. I remember staring at them & being amazed at how real they looked…I wanted to reach out & taste the frosting! With that in mind I designed “Home Sweet Home”, the sweetest little gingerbread house on the block with its peppermint flowers & frosted gumdrop bushes all topped with a bright red cherry. What a wonderful treat for you to enjoy…and guilt free with zero calories!

    screen-shot-2017-07-19-at-3-42-46-pm Home Sweet Home Gingerbread House Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    A personal favorite of mine is “Let Heaven and Nature Sing” because this design is also taken directly from my life. I am pleased to present…my children~ Brandon, Shannon & Natasha. When they were little we often went caroling for the neighbors with the three little ones bundled up in their little onesie snow suits, caps & mittens absolutely butchering all the traditional Christmas carols at the top of our lungs. But our neighbors were gracious…they always clapped when we were done.

    Let Heaven & Nature Sing Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Let Heaven & Nature Sing Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    In the past, as it is now, traveling was always another important event during the holiday season. Going to Grandma & Grandpa's house, visiting friends or even heading out for Christmas Eve services, being all squashed together in the back seat with siblings and packages was just another part of the excitement of Christmas. On these trips I spent my time looking out the window, wide eyed, taking in all the sights & signs we’d pass. I particularly loved the very colorful & graphic advertising designs of the atomic era. These memories were the inspiration for “Happy New Year” and “Eat Drink & be Merry”.

    Happy New Year Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Happy New Year Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher
    Eat, Drink & Be Merry Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Eat, Drink & Be Merry Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    Christmas is always a time when we remember loved ones both near and far. Another tradition many of us like to observe is the sending of Christmas cards. In my home as a child, every card that came in the mail was treasured and put on display. Some setting on shelves, mantels and hanging on the wall strung on colorful ribbon. I remember some as having the cutest pictures of baby animals in the snow, like my design “Hello Old Friend” seeing his reflection in the Christmas ball. Others were decorated with glittering ornaments and candy cane like our “Merry Christmas” design. And some came with a single, simple sentiment like “Warm Christmas Wishes.”

    Hello Old Friend Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Hello Old Friend Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher
    Merry Christmas Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Merry Christmas Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher
    Warm Christmas Wishes Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher Warm Christmas Wishes Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    Of course one of the most enjoyable things about Christmas as a kid was…the gifts! Oh the colorful packages piled high and overflowing with spiraling ribbons & bows. And the excitement of checking all the tags to find your very own name. I remember some of these tags being just as ornate as the ornaments on the tree and always wanting to keep them. With that in mind I wanted to create a design that would be perfect for gift giving and “For my Deer Friend” was born. Finishing this one out as a gift bag or wine bottle bag is perfect and adds a delightful touch of whimsy to the occasion.

    For My Deer Friend Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher For My Deer Friend Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    One of the most magical memories of my childhood was a snowy Christmas eve when I was drowsily tucked up in bed dreaming of Christmas morning, when all of a sudden I heard bells…Jingle Bells!! I ran to the window and swiped away the frosty fog and down below in a swirly mist of snow were two big brown horses in jingle bell harness trotting down the middle of the street pulling a real sleigh and inside was Santa himself bellowing out “Merry Christmas, and to all a good night~ ho-ho-ho!” Over the years there has been a long running debate as to who it was. But to those of us who believe….there is no question about it and so I honor that memory with “And to All a Good Night”.

    And to All a Good Night Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher And to All a Good Night Design from Retro Christmas Cross Stitch by Lee Fisher

    I do hope you enjoy all of these designs as much as I do and that you too will cherish the memories of your childhood. I wish you and yours a wonderfully Retro Christmas!

    Lee Fisher ~ StitchyFish Designs

  • Tags, Bags & Paper: Wrap It Up!

    It's time to wrap your presents. Get ideas and gather your supplies! It's time to ramp it up and make those presents a little more special!

    Here's how you can make a nice presentation to the gifts you have specially purchased for the people around you. Don't skimp on the thoughtfulness of the gift by throwing an unwrapped box in a plain gift bag. You can jazz up your gift tags and wrapping paper a bit from using your coloring instruments to adding a little more flair with needle and thread, or adding other store-bought embellishments. Experiment and have fun!

    Wrapping Supplies: Large Glitter Bags (whose glitter effect does NOT come off - fabulous!), Kraft Paper Tags and Burlap Tags. Wrapping Supplies: Large Glitter Bags (whose glitter effect does NOT come off - fabulous!), Kraft Paper Tags and Burlap Tags.

    The best new paper glitter bags I've used in years - the glitter does NOT come off on your hands, or table, or carpet... Look at these Large Glitter Bags in four fabulous colors!

    I will have both wrapped boxed presents, as well as, bagged presents. Now I'll focus on making decorated gift tags to use on all my presents. I used both the Burlap Tags (item #47564) and the Kraft Paper Tags (item #47563) and was very pleased in the versatility that both of these basic designs offered!

    Embellished burlap and paper gift tags; use as ornaments, too! Embellished burlap and paper gift tags; use as ornaments, too! 

    I had so much fun making these tags. I let my creativity grow from simply coloring an ornament design from the Art of Coloring Festive (item #6945), to making tags that were embellished and dimensional that could be hung as ornaments, too!

    Layer your tags, whether burlap or paper, to have both to/from names and a design.

    Close-Up of layered effect using both Burlap and Kraft Paper Tags for a present. Close-Up of layered effect using both Burlap and Kraft Paper Tags for a present.

    Pairing my completed tags with the Large Glitter Bags.

    Pairing a Large Glitter Bag with one of the embellished gift tags. Pairing Large Glitter Bags with just the right embellished gift tag.

    Here's the most elaborate gift tag that I made. I used two Kraft Paper Tags to complete this ornament. I cut-out an oval shape in my first tag that would act as a window; my second tag was kept whole. The first tag would get a piece of hard plastic (cut from another package's blister pack) to cover its window. The second, whole tag would serve as the background; I glued craft super-mini glass marbles to it. I added my colored ornament on top of the marbles. I aligned the first tag with its window to the second and glued them both together.

    Make a cut-out in one paper tag and layer over another with choice of embellishment. Make a cut-out in one paper tag and layer over another with choice of embellishment.

    The snowflake cross stitch gift tag was completed using a Burlap Tag; it was backed with another burlap tag.

    A simple cross-stitch design on a Burlap Tag does well as the foundation for other dimensional tag effects. A simple cross-stitch design on a Burlap Tag does well as the foundation for other dimensional tag effects.

    Now it's time to wrap some boxed presents. could I make the box itself a little more interesting. I went to Pinterest to get some ideas on how to decorate gifts using yarn -- other than using pom-poms. This image caught my eye immediately with its yarn woven decorated present.  Did you know Leisure Arts carries Lion Brand® Yarn?

    To decorate packages with yarn, I followed the directions as outlined in the above-mentioned pin and gathered two yarns from my stash.

    Share your love of crafts by adding yarn as part of your gift wrapping. Share your love of crafts by adding yarn as part of your gift wrapping.

    Here I am beginning to weave the second yarn - in a different weight and color as suggested.

    Starting to weave the second color in a different weight yarn. But wait; I think I'll make a change to two strands of medium weight yarn per row -- see the finished package! Starting to weave the second color in a different weight yarn. But wait; I think I'll make a change to two strands of medium weight yarn per row -- see the finished package!

    I liked the variation that I made to the initial set of instructions. I just embellished the embellishment!

    Simple brown paper is a complementary back-drop to the warmth of the yarn and use of a paper gift tag. Simple brown paper is a complementary back-drop to the warmth of the yarn and use of a paper gift tag.

    So I had half of my package of Kraft Paper Tags (30 tags / pack) unused. I wanted to find something additional to do with my remaining tags; I happened to fan mine out when it dawned on me.  With simple additions of several pipe cleaners, I had a wreath. What a great idea to do for younger kids to decorate. What would you do with your extras? Make a deck of cards with two packages of paper tags? What about any extra Burlap Tags (12 tags / pack)?

    Get creative with your tags! I made this wreath by adding pipe cleaners to the fanned paper tags. Get creative with your tags! I made this wreath by adding pipe cleaners to the fanned paper tags.

    I'd love to see your ideas come to life! Post some images of your packages and projects. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season -- keep it creative with less stress and more merry!


  • New Year, New Project Goals!

    Happy New Year!

    I don't have many resolutions for 2016, but there is one that I've been thinking about a lot lately: I need to have a better handmade gift stash this year.

    I like to make things, and I do make a lot of things throughout the year, but it doesn't take much to make you realize that you're woefully understocked when you have more gift events than you do time and you want to give a gift that's handmade and lovely.  Like....say, when three women in your close friends and family decide to have babies in the same month.  Or when your bank balance reveals that you won't be buying Starbucks gift cards for people at your kid's school and you'd best haul yourself to the yarn stash.  Can I knit three cowls and four mittens in the span of a month?  Why yes, it turns out I can! But should I?

    Uh, the muscle at the top of my forearm is telling me I should not.

    I know I'll get caught shorthanded at some point this year, but I'd like for it to happen less often.  My goals for the 2016 Gift Stash include:

    -some baby stuff.  Any ol' baby stuff.  It's all cute, it's all small, and as long as it's machine washable it's all going to be appreciated.

    -some cowls.  Cowls are great, and even noncrafters appreciate them.  I'm working on buying my yarn in a few more neutral colors so I can have some handknits on hand that aren't....generic, but just more readily welcomed by a larger audience.  I might love some handpainted variegated yarn, but not everyone will.  And I want something that just about everyone will love.  Just two cowls all knitted or crocheted up and rearing to go could shave actual metric tons of stress off of my life.

    -a prayer shawl.  I've never made one, and I hope I don't need to give one away.  But I'd like have one ready so that I can quickly wrap it up and give it to someone rather than look for yarns and a pattern while feeling concerned about a grieving loved one.

    -hats!  You can make them big, small, slouchy, cabled, plain, tight, long, short--it doesn't matter.  I feel like there's no wrong way to go with hats.  I've been in an earflap mood, and I've discovered to my unending delight that people who wear hats to keep warm really don't seem to mind if their hats look goofy.  You can't go wrong with hats!  (Unless you give them to someone who's either unappreciative or just not a hat person.  But that's a different set of problems entirely.)

    So!  Here's what I've got to get me started.  This is a baby blanket that I finished earlier this week:


    It's Square #49 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  I've made three blankets with this pattern and I don't know when I'll get tired of the way front post crochet stitches add some texture to these simple squares.  I love this.  I made thirty squares and stitched them together in five rows of six squares.  I crocheted a couple of rows around the edge and now I have a pretty big baby blanket in my arsenal and I don't even know anyone who's pregnant!


    I feel so good right now!

    Next up is the Martha Cowl from Crochet Scarves and Cowls:


    Forget what I said about more neutral colors.  This is a pattern I've wanted to try for several months that looks really great with a mix of colors and I really liked this yarn.  It's the Folklore colorway from Loops & Threads Impeccable Ombre, and it's really lovely in addition to being trusty ol' acrylic yarn that's ready for some hard living and careless washing habits.


    The pattern is pretty easy to keep up with once you get the hang of it.  It did take me a while to get the hang of it, though, which is fine.  This looks like it was fine, right?  It was fine!


    Since I wasn't crocheting on a deadline, I wasn't too perturbed at having problems following a pattern while being interrupted every 15 seconds by my daughter asking questions or saying "Hey, look!" because 1) like I said, I was in no rush and 2) it is impossible to do much of anything when you're being interrupted every 15 seconds by someone saying "hey look!" and then you actually have to look and come up with fresh and inventive compliments for that someone's Lego-building skills.  That's the biggest reason I want to be more intentional with the TV and crafting time I enjoy so much after my little girl goes to bed (although that sore forearm thing is a close second): I have Lego creations to compliment and games of Candy Land to lose.  I've decided that 2016 is going to be the year I enjoy myself and I'm just not the kind of person who enjoys that rush of adrenaline you get from weaving in your ends ten minutes before you give your project to someone.  What I do enjoy is going about my regular mom life while I think about my fabulous gift stash like I'm a dragon with a cave full of treasure.


    I'd better get back to that cowl!

  • I'm back!

    Hello friends!

    It's been a few weeks but I'm back and will be adding a new post to my hand piecing series tomorrow. Today I thought I'd tell you where I've been and a little bit more about myself.

    I've been...

    I'm high-fiving the world. I'm high-fiving the world.

    Finally! I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Design. As a non-traditional student with a family, I feel a little more like I crawled across the finish line then danced. All in all, though, it was a tremendous experience and I'm thrilled to take on the next chapter in my life.

    Some of you may be familiar with work I completed as a student. Anyone remember this post about the Arkansas Arts Center yarn bomb? That was me! Well, me and about a hundred volunteers. I was thinking I might do a post here with some tips and tricks for doing your own yarn bomb. Anyone interested?

    Me and my pièce de résistance! Me and my pièce de résistance!

    If you're interested in seeing more of my work you can go to my website

    In other news, I am recovering from the throat funk that's been going around. It left me plenty of time to plan my summer projects. Expect lots of posts about quilting and cross stitching this summer!

    Like I said, I'll be back tomorrow with the 3rd post in my paper piecing tutorials series. Be sure and check out the first 2 posts- just click on the photos!

    paper piecing_edited-1


  • Flowering Herb Cross Stitch

    (Click Here for Digital Download)

  • Basket of Kittens Cross Stitch


    (Click Here for Digital Download)

    Enjoy this week's free pattern Friday.

  • Christmas in July Sale!

    It's time for a Christmas in July sale!  If you head over to the Leisure Arts website and check out their sale on Christmas items, you can really get into the Christmas spirit without entering a crowded store blaring "The Little Drummer Boy" over loudspeakers and straight into your brain.  The coupon code "JulyChristmas" will take 25% off of some great Christmas patterns and craft books.  I was looking through some of the books on sale and now I'm full of festive ideas.

    And naturally, I have to talk about them.

    Are you a cross stitch person?  Look at these cross stitch stockings from Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection!  The designs remind me of something out a children's storybook.  I love how cheerful they look.

    Then there are these knitted stocking patterns from the Stocking Trio epattern. Look at that stripey one!  It's really pretty, but looks simple enough that I can delude myself into thinking I could make it!  I tend to get a bit over-ambitious with my Christmas crafting ideas.  Whatever.  There's still time.

    If you'd rather crochet a Christmas stocking, that's cool too because there's Crochet Christmas Stockings.  I love all the different types of stocking patterns that this book has.

    Because, you guys?  I could write a whole post about this carrot stocking.  Why do you need a carrot stocking?  Does this make it acceptable to keep your Christmas decorations out until Easter?  Could this double as baby bunting?  Do I need any more reasons to convince myself to crochet this?  Because I'm really feeling it.  It even has roots!

    If you're looking for even more amazing crochet designs, then there's the pattern for Crocheted Thread Snowball ornaments.  I think these are stunning.  

    There are also these crocheted angels.  My Mamaw made us a few of them, and I kind of "borrowed" one for my Christmas tree after I got married.  These are my very favorite tree toppers.  They're so beautiful and make such wonderful heirlooms.

    If a more modern look is your thing, then Jolly Stuff looks pretty good.  I don't know when owl crafts are going to be played out, but I hope it's not any time soon because I think they're really cute. I think "jolly" is a sorely underused term for happy holiday things.  


    Okay.  I kind of don't want to talk about this one because then my mom will know about it.  But maybe she already does.  Look Mom, here's some Christmas quilt patterns!  I have a copy of Christmas Sparkle if you want to look at it (and I'm pretty sure you do).  These designs are incredibly lovely. 

    And to my dad, or anyone else who is not ready for the most festive of seasons: sorry. 

    To everyone else: the sale ends July 31, so you may as well get crazy while you can.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Learn to Crochet: Crochet Cross Stitch

    I tried to crochet the Crisscross dishcloth from Dishcloths one time.  It's the bright green one:

    It didn't go that well.  But I think I'll try again this weekend.  It's a cute pattern, and I'd like to master the art of crocheting the cross stitch. I like dishcloths for trying out new stitches because it gives me plenty of opportunity to practice new techniques and the project is quick enough to keep me from getting tired of it.  I'll definitely be trying out the cross stitch technique on this pattern.  I like the look of it, and I want to know more about this weird, crisscrossed stitch.

    Maybe I didn't watch this video enough times for my last attempt to be successful.  It helps me to watch a video tutorial 3 or 4 times before trying a new stitch, and then watching the video a few more times while I'm trying the new stitch.  I tend to go through a lot of trial and error(s) whenever I try something new, but once I understand something it tends to stick in my brain after that.

    Even if I wasn't motivated to make an ungodly number of dishcloths, I still think I'd want to learn how to do the crochet cross stitch.  This is just icing on the motivation cake.  I know that didn't make much sense.  I'm sorry, but I'm a little distracted.  And if you'll excuse me, I have a video to go watch.

    Over and over again.

  • What’s New at Leisure Arts?

    Thought I’d share a little update about what we’ve been up to at Leisure Arts…Check it out:
    The New Knook Beginner Set & More!
    So much has been happening here at Leisure Arts that it seems like the month of September has just flown by. Our newest Knook set has just hit the warehouse, and we’re thrilled! It’s perfect for kids or anyone who’d like to knit with a big crochet hook!
    Plus our Pin To Win Leisure Arts Duct Tape Creativity Giveaway is well underway! Don’t miss your chance to win our Duct Tape Prize Package featuring 35 rolls of Duck brand duct tape, all three of our duct tape pattern books, and your very own Trust E. Duck! Hurry, the Giveaway ends September 30! Read more…
    eBook Fans! Check out the most recent downloadable eBooks that we’ve added to our eBooks & ePatterns category.
    And Deals…Our Duct Tape BOGO promotion is still going on till October 31, and we’re also offering 10% off on everything Plastic Canvas on!
    For more bargains, browse all the different skill categories in our Current Promotions list. For more info about what’s happening at Leisure Arts, our Facebook page and Everyday Life at Leisure daily blog always have the latest news, so bookmark those sites and visit often.
    Editor's Corner:
    Just Released—The Knook Beginner Set For Kids!
    You’re gonna want our new Knook Beginner Set for Kids even if you don’t have any kids! It comes with 2 sizes of (plastic not wooden) Knooks, 2 cords, a clip, 2 yarn needles, and a pocket-size instruction book. If you’re a fan of bulky and super bulky yarns, you’re sure to love the Knook sizes we’ve included: L-8 mm in pink and M-9 mm in purple. Read more…

    Free Project: Knitting for a Cure Bookmark!
    Knit for someone in need with our free Knitting for a Cure Bookmark pattern. Pair this easy project with a book of devotions or a daily journal for a thoughtful gift, and if you love this project, specifically designed for providing comfort to loved ones who are fighting breast cancer, you’ll find it and more in our Knitting for a Cure pattern book by designer Kay Meadors—featuring 18 designs to knit and share! Knitting for a Cure is also available as an eBook for you download enthusiasts!
    New Cooking Guides In the Spotlight!
    The holidays are quickly approaching, and Leisure Arts has the recipes you need for delicious entertaining! Four newly published, laminated food guides: Candy, Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cooking Basics — each one folds out accordion-style into 12 pages. They’ll make perfect gifts for the experienced cook, the pretty confident cook, the beginning cook, and the wannabe-cook. And are they handy? Yes! Each guide is approximately 8-1/2 inches tall x 4-1/2 inches wide — the perfect size to take in your purse when you go grocery shopping.
    Cooking Basics
    This reference guide is full of useful kitchen tips and information that every cook will want to keep handy—offering up all those little details like information on measuring, equivalent measurements, cooking terms, substitutions, and food storage tips for the pantry and refrigerator plus basic guidelines on how to boil an egg and cook rice or pasta. There’s an eBook, too! Read more…
    Try your hand at homemade candy with the help of this little guide! It includes candy-making tips plus recipes for Peanut Butter Fudge, Strawberry Divinity, Almond Rocha, Gumdrops, Glass Candy, Microwave Peanut Brittle, Millionaire Fudge, Old-Fashioned Mints, Marshmallows, and Chocolate-Covered Cherries. There’s an eBook, too! Read more…
    Discover how easy it is to create homemade cupcakes using prepared cake mix thanks to this reference guide! Recipes include Gingerbread Cupcakes, Double Chocolate Cupcakes, Sour Cream Cupcakes with Creamy White Chocolate Frosting, Snowball Cupcakes, Chocolate Angel Food Cupcakes, Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes, Spicy Carrot Cupcakes, Toasted Coconut-Rum Cupcakes, and Santa Cupcakes. There’s an eBook, too! Read more…
    This guide features the best of both worlds—traditional family favorites and fun party treats. Recipes include Santa Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Pecan Crispies, Mom's Sugar Cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies, Old-Fashioned Gingersnaps, Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mocha-Almond Cookies, Blarney Stones, and Chocolate Malted Cookies. There’s an eBook, too! Read more…
    See photos on our blog... (Everyday Life at Leisure might just be giving away copies of these cool little cookbooks!)
    Current Promotions
    Be sure to check on current promotions at as new promotions will be added on a regular basis. Below are a few we are currently running.

    Duct Tape BOGO—Celebrate Halloween with duct tape! Buy our print or eBook Stick or Treat (filled with Halloween costumes, pumpkins, and more) and get the corresponding print or eBook Go Crazy with Duct Tape—free! Offer good Now through October 31!

    • Stock your pattern library with our 10% off all Plastic Canvas products promotion from now through October 10!

    • All of our Mary Engelbreit products on sale at 50% off the original retail price.

    • We have select products marked at 40% off the original retail price in the following categories: Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Painting, Paper Crafting, Quilting and Sewing.

    • Select how-to DVD Products on sale at up to 50% off the original retail price!

    Clearance Products: These products have been placed on clearance and greatly discounted from the original retail price.

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