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Dot Stitch & Popcorn Shawls

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Sport Weight Yarn. approximately:

26 ounces, (740 grams, 1,560 yards)

31" Circular knitting needle. size 5 (3.75 mm) or size needed for gauge


2 Stitch holders

GAUGE: In Stockinette Stitch. 24 sis and 32 rows 4"


Cast on 491 sts loosely .

Rows 1-20: Knit across.


Row 1 (Right side): Knit across.

Row 2 and all WRONG side rows: K 11, purl across to last

11 sts, K 11.

Row 3: K 12, Pl, * K3. Pl; repeat from * across to last

14 sis, K 14.

Row 5: Knit across.

Row 7: K 14, Pl , * K3. Pl; repeat from * across to last

12 sis, K 12.

Repeat Rows 1-8 for pattern until Capelet measures approximately 4" from cast on edge, ending by working a right side row.


Note: Maintain established pattern throughout. Because of the large number of stitches in this pattern, the stitch count for each cape section will be given as follows: front, side, back, side and front. This should help you double check your work as it progresses.

Row 1: K 11, P 73, place marker (front), P 81. place marker (side), P 161, place marker (back) , P 81, place marker (side), P 73, K 11 (front): 491 sts (84-81-161-81-84 sts).

Row 2 (Decrease row): * Work to within 2 sis of marker.

K2 tog tbl, K2 tog; repeat from * 3 times more, work across:

483 sis (83-79-159-79-83 sts).

Rows 3-5: Work across.

Rows 14-19: Repeat Rows 12 and 13. 3 times:

41 sts (3-3-29-3-3 sts).

Cut yarn, do not bind off.


With right side facing, K 11 from st holder, pick up 11 sts along right Neck edge (Fig. 1), knit across, pick up 11 sis along left Neck edge, K 11 sts from st holder: 85 sis.

Row 1 (Eyelet row): K2 . * YO. K2 tog: repeat from * across

to last st, K l.

Row 2: Knit across.

Row 3: Knit into the front and into the back of each st across: 170 sis.

Rows 4-15: Knit across. Bind off all sis loosely.


Cut 4 strands of yarn, each 2 yards long. Holding all 4 strands together, twist strands until tight. Fold in half allowing it to

twist itself. Knot both ends and cut the loops on the folded end.

Weave Tie through Eyelet row.


When instructed to pick up stitches. insert the needle under two strands at the edge of the worked piece. Put the yarn dround the needle and pull it through. making a stitch on the needle. Repeat along the edge. picking up the required number of stitches (Fig. l).

Fig. 1 Fig. 1
Dot Stitch ShawI | Popcorn Shaw I Dot Stitch ShawI | Popcorn Shaw I

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