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Sweet and Sunshiney Shells

I finished the Sunshine pattern from Blankets for Toddlers this weekend!

It was my big, all-consuming project for this weekend and I'm happy to see it completed.  It took three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver and an I hook.  It measures 38" long and about 34" wide, and I'm sure it will stretch out a tiny bit with regular use.  I felt like adding a bit more color to it, so I worked single crochets across the top, and in the free loops of the begging chain at the bottom in a bright pink yarn.  I think it looks fun.

This is a fun and simple pattern--I would definitely recommend it for car trips or movie marathons.  The pattern is simple enough that you can look up from your work and enjoy the scenery around you while your hands stay busy and your laps stays warm.  I watched a tremendous amount of crime-solving on TV this weekend while I finished this up.  It was such a laid back fall activity to enjoy, and I loved it.  I have another baby blanket or two to finish up, and then I think I'm done with blankets for the year!

I didn't realize I would have quite so many blankets to make when I thought about making more blankets this year, but oh my goodness.  I feel like some sort of blanket wizard now.  I'm not actually a blanket wizard, but when you consider that I had only made three or four before this year and that I made three or four just this summer.....well, I feel like I've really pulled something off.  Yay!

This project is the same row of shells and single crochet stitches over and over.  I've been getting over a little cold, and I've been a little worn out and also loopy from medication.  It was nice to have something that made me feel a little more productive while I was glued to the couch without having anything too complicated for me to mess up in my less-than-stellar state.  I'm going to give this to some friends with a new little niece, and I'm hoping this will see a lot of use this winter.  I'm also hoping that the baby appreciates the little pop of pink I added to the borders, but I think I should just be happy with how nicely the pattern turned into a nice little blanket.

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