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To Crochet a Little Clutch

I finished crocheting the Embellished Clutch from Totes & Bags!  You may have noticed that it's not embellished. 

All in good time.  After I finished crocheting the second side and seamed the two pieces together, I was in no mood for more seaming.  So I skipped making the little flowers that were intended to embellish the Embellished Clutch.  For now, anyway.  I think I'll find something to fancy this up a bit. 

I like this little bag a lot!  It calls for an H hook and two strands of super fine yarn held together.  I used some Kroy sock yarn and used up the skeins.  I just had a tiny bit left after crocheting and stitching the sides together.  It was perfect!  Sock yarn is super durable, and will wash well while putting up with plenty of 'life' things.  Which is great because I already checked to see if this is a little clutch I can actually carry in my real life and it looks like I can!

I bet I could even fit some tissues and gum in there!  Fantastic!

A cotton yarn might make this a more practical project, though.  I was just using what I had to check out the pattern for the body of this bag.  And I have to say that I like this bag a lot.  It's sturdy because of the two strands of yarn.  It's simple because it's single crochet stitches.  And it's big enough to hold my essentials, but small enough that these little straps will hold it without the whole thing doing that gaping/collapsing thing that can happen with bags sometimes.  You just chain some stitches, skip some stitches, and go on about your merry crocheting way for a few more rows.

This was a pleasant little project, and now it's a lovely little clutch.  I'm looking forward to figuring out what embellishments to add to it very soon.  I couldn't leave something this cute unadorned for long!

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