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Baseball and Buddies: My Knit in Public Day

I took my Hybrid Scarf project from Cuffed Shawls & More with me to a baseball game!  Since last week was Worldwide Knit in Public Week, my regular knitting group decided that our typical Saturday night knitting in a a local eatery wasn't public enough.  So we went to see our very own Arkansas Travelers play this past Saturday night!

For most of us, every day is Knit in Public Day.  I knit or crochet during meetings, in the grocery store, and when I'm out for coffee.  I like having something in my hands, and I've found it keeps me from interrupting as much as I normally would.  I'm an interrupter.  Knitting helps me, at least a little.  And when there are a million patterns--give or take--that I want to knit or crochet, I need to work on them as often as I can!

Sitting around in the Arkansas heat on the longest day of the year was probably not our best move, but it was still a lot of fun.  I have a nice keepsake cup from when I got a drink at the concession stand.  We sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the 7th inning.  We cheered for the Travelers (they still lost).  And we probably didn't make as many mistakes on our projects as we tend to when we go to bars.

Side note: knitting in bars is fabulous because you have greasy appetizers and all kinds of drinks and the environment is well-suited to loud and inappropriate conversations.  But knitting in bars is also less than fabulous because the lighting is usually awful, people might get a little impaired and make silly mistakes after an hour or two, and there might be smoke.

The stadium was a nonsmoking area.  My yarn was safe!

Most people brought very simple sock patterns.  I had actually planned on bringing one as well because I had thought most people would be bringing socks--one knitter brought a shawl--and I want to be like them.  But I never got around to casting on a sock, and the scarf is still small enough that I wouldn't be sweltering under a bunch of wool on top of my legs.  I was able to work quite a few rows of the simple double crochet stitches and the easy-to-spot increase points before it got dark and then I just sat and watched the game.  We got a few odd stares, but that's nothing new.  One little girl watched us the entire evening with such intensity that we all thought she would grow up to be a yarncrafter.  Or a voyeur.  Really, why not both?  Anything's possible for today's youth!

I had a great time literally getting out and about in my area, and joining my friends for something new.  The game was pretty exciting.  I made pretty decent progress on my scarf.  And I discovered that cupholders can hold onto skeins magnificently.


It was a great day, and I hope you celebrated this fun holiday too!   But if you missed the date, just remember that every day can be knit in public day!  Or crochet.  Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Baseball and Buddies: My Knit in Public Day”

  • Bailey

    I like taking crochet projects with me. I find it passes time when you are waiting places. You get to something early and then have to wait. A crochet project is perfect.However, I am always wary of taking projects places where people are eating because yarn attracts food and I hate to see a project ruined.

    • Jen

      I feel you. I get especially nervous with things like blankets because what if chili falls onto my project when I'm only halfway through and then I have to work on this stinking blanket for forever? I'm pretty comfortable with smaller projects, though, at least some of the time. It can be tricky to figure out when it's okay to pull out your work sometimes!

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