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A Tote to Keep Me Trying. Or a Tote that is Trying Me.

I'm working on the Granny Square Market Bag from Totes & Bags.  Yes, still.

This is going to be a lovely finished object, but I'm getting a little impatient with it.  There are just so many little squares.  The very thing that initially made me want to make this bag is now what's driving me crazy.

So. Many. Little. Squares.

Also, working the side panel got me flustered because I had six balls of yarns getting tangled up all over the couch.


Also, I got flustered because I'm terrible about working half double crochet stitches and that's all you do on the side and bottom panels.  I know the wonkiness won't show once everything's stitched together (or so I pray), but it's currently really getting me down and I'm in no mood to make a second side panel.  But it would seem I'm also in no mood to finish the bottom panel because that's super boring.

And the squares!  All those little squares that are three colors apiece!  All those ends to weave in!  Sixteen squares on either side that have to be stitched together!  All these ends to weave in on all these parts and the sewing and the stuff!
Why am I even doing this?
Uh, well, because I still sort of want to!  These squares are too small for me to turn into a banner, so I can't just repurpose the pieces.  And I want to finish this bag since I tried once before to make it and kind of lost steam.

Also, this is going to be a beautiful bag once it's finished!  My desire for a beautiful market bag is outweighing my frustration with the project.  And I have to say that my frustration isn't due to some kind of problem with pattern.  I'm just kind of tired of working on it.  
But!  Motivation has arrived! Our farmers market is re-opening this weekend and that means we'll have some produce to haul around.  And I really want to haul it around in this bag.  The colors are so bright!  The acrylic is going to be so sturdy and easy to wash!  Plus, granny squares!    
Granny squares are always a good enough reason to try a project.  And to finish it.
I don't think I'll have this finished in time for my first farmers market trip of the year, but maybe I will next week.  I do know it will be finished very soon, and I'll be carrying this lovely creation around everywhere and considering making another one.


2 thoughts on “A Tote to Keep Me Trying. Or a Tote that is Trying Me.”

  • Janet

    I just joined this blog. Did you finish this tote & if so, pictures? I hear you when you say "so many squares"; I made a turtle for my daughter using granny squares when she was 1 (she's now 32!).I don't know that I've ever made anything using granny squares since other than baby afghans.

    • Jen

      Not yet, but I'm hoping to complete this in a weekend or two! I remember seeing a baby blanket a few weeks ago that was 300 or so teeny tiny squares, and I couldn't even appreciate the beauty of the yarn and the blanket because my brain kept screaming that was too many tiny squares. But when I do finish this tote, I will be shouting about from the (Internet) rooftops! And welcome to the blog! Hi!

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