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What to Do When Your Sewing Machine is Calling Your Name

I have a sewing machine that I hauled out of my mother-in-law's garage several months ago.

It doesn't see much use because it's usually hiding in here:

I use it primarily as a bedside table, but I think I'll be unfolding the cover this weekend and doing a little sewing.

It's a great sewing machine.  It appears to have been kept in good condition and I've used it a few times.  After a light cleaning and some extra, it runs fine!

I need to hem some clothes, and there are some Pinterest tutorials I want to try out.  And I think it's time to try out some new things.

I know I tend to get a bit too ambitious with my weekend crafting plans, but I love to make things! 

My skin needs a break from handling yarn, I haven't made a quilt in a couple of years, and this just feels like the kind of weekend where anything is possible.  The machine's all ready to go and so am I!

I hope you all have great crafting plans!

4 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Sewing Machine is Calling Your Name”

  • Knit n Sew Studio by Debbie

    Sewing is still my first love. I opened my new machine last Saturday and did some sewing this week, too. Tried a double pointed needle for the first time. Great fun!Good luck, can't wait to see what you make.

  • Cindy

    The 3 Times a Charm book is great. Nice sized projects, can use charm packs so not a lot of expense, and fun! You'll love it.

    • Jen

      Thanks, so far I'm really enjoying it! The instructions are pretty clear, but it's taking a little bit longer than expected. I always forget how long it takes me to cut out fabric. But you're right, I am loving it.

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