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It Really WAS a Simple Hat

As I've mentioned before, 2013 is turning out to be the Year of the Baby Knits for me.  Baby #1 on the list arrived last week and I wanted to add a little hat to the gift I was going to send him.  I love baby hats and I want to make them for every baby I know--even the summer birthday kids.

But because last week was a fairly disastrous knitting week, I had a ridiculously hard time making a baby hat.  I wanted to make one pattern, but I cast on incorrectly and flubbed the ribbing pattern 3 times.  I tried a different pattern and messed that up so many times I lost count. 

This is unusual for me.  Not the messing up part, but the part where I lose track of how many times I have to start over.  I typically remember that number so that I can accurately complain about it later. 

My baby hat misadventures lasted through the weekend, and reached a fever pitch on Sunday night when I nearly scared my husband with all of my sweating and swearing and needle-thrower. 


I flipped through Expand Your Knitting Skills again.  We're getting to be good friends, that book and I.  I saw a pattern for a hat, almost tried it, and then realized the Simple Hat pattern would suit my gift a bit better.

Of course!  Just a little knit stitch hat with a rolled brim.  Perfect for a little baby head, with (I hope) a little room to grow.

The pattern calls for two different size needles (one set for the brim and one for the hat), but it's a straightforward little knit.  If you're a newer knitter, this is a good introduction to working in the round and/or on double pointed needles.  I'm not the biggest DPN fan, but there were so few stitches on the needles that everything stayed in place and I was done after one night and one morning of knitting.

 You can't quite see it in this picture (I think this would have fit a grapefruit), but there are decreases at four points and they make the top of the hat just the right amount of boxy and even.

Like I said, if you're a newer knitter this is a great way to practice your in-the-round knitting as well as some simple decreases.  I also recommend this to anyone who needs a nice little pattern for a baby hat.  This is a great way to use some any leftover yarn you have from a larger baby project and it makes a sweet matching accessory.  

I really can't recommend this enough.  It's cute and sweet and it really is a simple hat.

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