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Celebration Day!

Today we celebrated something very special. A co-worker, Doug (from Crochet Soiree), was given a baby shower. In just a few short weeks, he will become the father of two baby girls…that’s right two. Oh, it is so sweet and very pink I might add. I love, love, love baby showers. For years, when baby showers were given, I always wrapped the gifts in receiving blankets. I would tie the packages with ribbon, string or whatever I could find. In fact, sometimes I would even tape the blankets around them. I thought it was a practical thing and pretty cute, too!

Well, not any more! Seriously, when The Wrapping Scarf Revolution by Patricia Lee was printed I was delighted to see that what I had been using all these years, had a name…bojagi. I learned there was art to making the package pretty by using a series of special knots. This is derived from an ancient Korean inspired art of wrapping gifts or any totable with a fabric square. So I proceeded to teach myself the art of wrapping and knot tying. Look - - - - - how cute are these!!

In these eco-friendly times, I’m glad that I can make a contribution. Give it a try—you’ll love the results. Use your own fabrics or buy ready made Bobo wraps. It is really fun!

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