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  • Just a Reminder

    Don’t forget what tomorrow is! Better still...why not start celebrating today?!!!

  • Valentine’s Rick Rack Banner

    Becky, one of the Leisure Arts in-house designers who dreams up the beautiful projects you see in our books, is, in her life outside of Leisure Arts, the Queen of Banners.

    Becky likes to make banners, and she has the perfect place to hang them in her home. You see, she has this kitchen window that lets in wonderful light, so she doesn’t want curtains or blinds, but for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, she likes to pretty up her window with a simple banner.

    And aren’t we lucky? Becky’s shared this year’s oh-so-easy Valentine’s Rick Rack Banner with us:

    You’ll need:

    • Rick rack (a long enough piece to stretch across the space where you want to hang your banner with enough extra length to tack or tie it in place)

    • red and white felt (can be scraps)

    • assorted red and white buttons

    • pinking shears & regular scissors

    • sewing needle and thread

    Becky simply used pinking shears and regular scissors to cut out an assortment of circles and hearts from the red and white felt.

    Then she stacked them randomly, added a button to each stack, and sewed them to the rick rack. Her result: An incredibly cute holiday home décor accent that she assembled in no time while sitting in front of the TV.

    Have you got kids? This banner would be a fun project for them with a little adult supervision. They could just glue the pieces together! Happy crafting!

  • Sweet Felt Heart Hangers for Valentine’s

    Leisure Arts in-house designer, Becky, has really embraced the whole concept of Valentine’s Day designs this year. She just showed me the Sweet Felt Hearts Hangers she made at home last night. Aren’t they cute???

    She used really nice felted wool for the hearts and flowers (you can just use regular craft store felt or fabric if you like), a button as a flower center, embroidery floss to embellish the front and to stitch the front and back together, and a length of ribbon for each hanger to hang from. You’ll also need polyester fiberfill or potpourri to stuff your hanger with.

    1. Your hearts can be any size you want. Just create your own heart pattern, pin it to the felt, and cut it out. You’ll need two felt hearts for each project.

    2. Then embellish the front of your hanger with felt flowers, leaves, a button, and embroidery stitches like French knots, backstitch, blanket stitch, and running stitch as desired.

    3. Starting at the top of the design, use blanket stitches to sew the front and back hearts together. When you get to the top center, stuff your project with fiberfill or potpourri, fold the ribbon length in half, place the ribbons ends inside the hearts, and continue stitching—being sure to catch the ribbon ends in the stitching to secure the hanger.

    Thanks for sharing your idea Becky! These pretty hearts would make quick, yet thoughtfully handmade little gifts for your favorite Valentines.

  • Valentine’s Day Truffles Recipe

    Romance is in the air at Leisure Arts! Well, maybe not romance, but with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’ve certainly got chocolate on our minds if not yet on our waistlines.

    Since we wouldn’t want all of you creative folks out there to miss out on the chocolate, we thought we’d share one of our favorite recipes—Easy Truffles. These are the perfect gift treats for your Valentine…’cause they’re too rich to eat all by yourself!

    Easy Truffles

    1 package (6 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

    1 cup butterscotch chips

    3/4 cup confectioners sugar

    1/2 cup sour cream

    2 teaspoons grated orange zest

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1 package (11 ounces) vanilla wafers, finely crushed

    Confectioners sugar

    (Recipe was tested in a 1200-watt microwave.) In a medium microwave-safe bowl, microwave chips on 50% power until chips soften, stirring frequently until smooth. Stir in 3/4 cup confectioners sugar, sour cream, orange zest, salt, and wafer crumbs. Shape mixture into 1-inch balls. Roll in confectioners sugar. Place in candy cups. Store in an airtight container in refrigerator.

    Yield: about 5 dozen truffles.

    If you love this recipe (or you’re still craving more candy), be sure to check out our Celebrating Candy cookbook featuring 75 of the very best candy recipes from the Leisure Arts Test Kitchens.

  • Challenge: Gift Bags for Valentine’s Day

    We’d like to issue the first of several (I hope) month long creativity challenges here at Everyday Life at Leisure! The February Challenge: Don’t wrap your gifts in boring, store-bought paper. Be creative!

    Here’s an inspiration option—Aren’t these little fabric gift bags adorable? Wouldn’t they be too cute to give for Valentine’s Day (stuffed with chocolate, of course) to all your friends, co-workers, a special teacher, or your secret pal? To meet our challenge, you might try making some of these fabric gifts bags. Then share your creativity with the Leisure Arts Community on Facebook. Your design can be any size and for any occasion (St. Patrick’s, Mother’s Day, and Easter are coming up!), and use any materials except store-bought wrapping paper.

    Here’s how to make our easy little treat bags:

    Fabric Mini Gift Bags

    You’ll need:

    8-1/2" x 7-1/4" fabric piece for bag

    • rub-on letter

    • clothespin

    • tracing paper

    • water-soluble fabric marker

    • two 5" fabric squares for flower

    • scalloped pinking shears

    • felt scrap

    • button

    • fabric glue

    For all sewing, match the right sides and use a 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

    1. For each bag, press one long edge of the fabric rectangle 1/4" to the wrong side twice; hem. Matching short edges, fold the rectangle in half. Sew along the side and bottom edges; turn right side out.

    2. Apply the rub-on to the clothespin.

    3. Draw a 1"w x 1-3/8"h petal pattern onto tracing paper and cut out. Use the fabric marker to draw around the pattern, making 5 petals on one fabric square, leaving 1/2" between petals.

    4. Matching the wrong sides, pin the squares together and sew along the drawn lines. Use pinking shears to cut out the petals 1/8" larger than the stitching lines. Cut two 1" dia. felt circles. Pleat the petal points and glue them between the felt circles. Sew the button to the flower. Glue the flower to the clothespin.

    Not only are these the perfect little sacks for Valentine’s goodies, but by simply using a larger or smaller appropriately patterned fabric piece, you can customize the size of your bag to hold almost any gift for any occasion.

    Plus, the flower clip is perfect for attaching anywhere! It would make even a plain paper lunch bag cute.

    For this design and more, be sure to get yourself a copy Creating the Happiest of Holidays from Leisure Arts.

    Happy gifting!

  • A Redwork Valentine

    Need a quick but special (meaning handmade) Valentine's gift? Grab a copy of Happiness and Cheer Redwork Through The Year for a precious vintage redwork embroidery Valentine’s pattern.

    This sweet project by designer Dolores Storm of Lakadaisies works up fast using only backstitches and French knots with red embroidery floss on any light-colored, light- to medium-weight fabric.

    It’s easy to finish, too! Simply place it in a purchased frame or hem the edges and use four buttons to attach it to a store-bought pillow for the perfect Valentine’s present.

    If you fall in love with the beauty and ease of redwork embroidery, Happiness and Cheer Redwork Through The Year from Leisure Arts also features patterns for Easter, May Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more!

    Happy Stitching!

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