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  • Crochet Gifts For Teen Guys

    Top Gifts To Crochet Teenage Guys

    Teenage guys are notoriously hard to shop for. This year, don't buy them a gift - crochet one! Whether he loves sports, hunting, or technology, you can find a great gift to crochet for him.

    1. A Cozy Blanket In His School Colors: This crochet stadium blanket is a great gift for guys who love sports or love showing their school spirit. Perfect to keep in his car or take to sporting events. Crochet this great gift for teenage guys with School Colors.

    Crochet Stadium Blanket For Guys

    2. A Crochet Pouch For His Tech: This crochet sleeve is great for keeping tablets, eReaders, or small laptops safe! The soft yarn keeps the screen free from scratches. A smart, useful gift for teenage guys. Start on this quick, easy project now with Beginner-Friendly Crochet.

    Tablet Sleeve For Teen Guys

    3. Crochet Sports Gear: Crochet his favorite team's mascot, then make a matching scarf, hat, and can cozy in that teams colors. He will love showing his team spirit with these pieces, plus they are sure to keep him warm on cold days! Make gifts teen guys will love with Home Team Gear.

    Team Gear For Teen Guys

    4. A Sporty Afghan: Get your game on with afghans for good sports! This crochet afghan featuring a slot machine with a winning reel of three 7’s will be a perfect gift for the man in your life. Generously sized and surprisingly easy to crochet, this is great addition to any man cave. Get this unique pattern in Sportacular Afghans.

    Crochet Slot Machine Afghan

    5. A Slouchy Camo Beanie: Crochet a trendy, slouchy beanie for the guy on your list. If he loves hunting or being outdoors, then he will love this camouflage hat! Great for looking fashionable and staying warm in winter. Get started on this great gift for guys now with Celebrity Slouchy Beanies For The Family 2.


    6. A Sporty Stadium Seat: The teen guy on your list will love showing his school spirit with this comfortable stadium cushion. Make it in his favorite team colors and he is sure to take it to every game. You can start on it now with the Sporty Stadium Seat ePattern.

    Stadium Seat For Teen Guys

    7. An Oversized Scarf: Crochet a trendy, chunky scarf for the teen guy on your list. Whether he's a bit edgy or more preppy, any guy will love these giant cozy scarves! Great for braving the coldest of days. Crochet him a trendy scarf with Super Scarves.

    Crochet Scarf For Teen Guys

    8. A Pair Of Sporty Tube Socks: Crochet the teen guy on your list a pair of sporty socks this season. He will appreciate their comfort and warmth. A great stocking stuffer or small gift! Give one pair, or several. Get started now with I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks.

    Crochet Socks For Teen Guys

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  • Knit Gifts For Teenage Guys

    Top Gifts To Knit Teenage Guys

    This season, use your knitting skills to create the perfect, cozy gifts - even for teenage guys! We know how hard it can be to shop for guys, but we have great gift ideas for any young man. Whether he loves sports or is addicted to technology, you will find the perfect gift to knit him!

    1. A Sporty Knit Blanket: This sports-themed knit blanket is perfect for hard-to-please teen guys. Whether he loves playing sports or just watching them, this blanket will become a favorite of his. Start on this unique knit now with School Colors.

    Sporty Knit Blanket For Teen Guys

    2. An Edgy Headband & Armband: This knit set will be perfect for him to wear to class or to jog on those chilly mornings. Choose which design fits his personality best - a skull, peace sign, or flames. Then knit a matching armband to hold his phone or music player! He will love these knit gifts from Awesome Knits For Guys & Chicks.

    Knit Headband For Teen Guys

    3. A Knit Blanket With Sleeves: Inspired by those popular fleece cover-ups sold on TV, this cozy blanket will be perfect for teen guys who prefer to spend the night on the couch. The sleeves will allow his hands to be free for texting or gaming while he stays warm. Surprise him with this unique gift with the Big Book Of Loom Knitting.

    Knit Sleeved Blanket For Teen Guys

    4. A Cozy Knit Set: This stylish knit beanie and scarf are the perfect gift for a teen guy. The neutral colors keep it simple, while the knit cables are sure to keep him warm on cold days! Knit this great gift now with Hats & More.

    Knit Hat & Scarf For Teen Guys

    5. A Knit Sleeve For His Tech: This tablet cozy is perfect for teen guy who always seems to have the latest tech gear. It is great for protecting his tablet, eReader, or small laptop. He will love how the soft yarn protects the screen from damage. Knit it in his favorite color now for a great gift with Beginner-Friendly Knitting.

    Knit Tablet Cover For Teen Guys

    6. A Stadium Blanket With Handles: This blanket is great for the teen guy who is always on the go with sporting events. Whether he is tailgating or watching a game, this portable blanket is great for any occasion! Knit it in his school colors or his favorite teams colors for a gift he will cherish. Get started on this great gift with University Knits.

    Knit Stadium Blanket For Teen Guys

    7. A Warm Pair Of Socks: Knit a great pair of socks for the teen guy on your list. Use cozy yarn to keep his feet warm and fun colors to show off his unique personality. Great for lounging around or wearing to class. Start knitting this gift now with Campus Knits.
    Knit Socks For Teen Guys

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  • Crochet Gifts For Men

    Top Gifts To Crochet For Men

    Men are always hard to shop for - this season, crochet something special for the men on your list. When making gifts for men, we recommend keeping it functional and fun. These cozy crochet gifts are sure to be a hit!

    1. A Cozy Afghan - With Pockets!: Crochet this warm throw for the man on your list. The pockets are perfect for holding remotes, glasses, newspapers, snacks, or anything else he might need while he relaxes on the couch! Crochet this perfect gift for men today with Charity Guide For Crocheters.

    Pocketed Crochet Afghan For Men

    2. A Warm Pair Of Slippers: It's easy to crochet cozy house shoes for everyone, and the man on your list will appreciate these comfy, casual slippers on cold winter nights! Crochet them now with Slippers For The Family.
    Crochet Slippers For Men

    3. A Crochet Checkerboard: Give this gift and the man on your list will have a new source of entertainment at the gathering. He will love passing the time with this classic game, and showing the kids how to play. It could be the start of a holiday tradition! Start on this unique gift idea for men today with the Checkers Crochet ePattern.

    Crochet Checkers For Men

    4. A Sporty Afghan: Get your game on with afghans for good sports! This crochet afghan featuring a poker table with cards and playing chips will be a perfect gift for the man in your life. Generously sized and surprisingly easy to crochet, this is great addition to any man cave. Get this unique pattern in Sportacular Afghans.

    Poker Table Crochet Afghan

    5. A Slouchy Beanie: This casual, cozy beanie is the perfect gift for any guy, and it's quick to make! The easy-to-wear and trendy style is perfect for men who need some extra warmth in their wardrobe. Crochet this great beanie for men with the fun patterns in Slouchy Beanies & Headwraps.
    Crochet Beanie For Men

    6. A Set Of Golf Club Covers: Know a guy who loves golf? Crochet these functional and fun golf club covers for him. Perfect for vacation and country club visits. Start on this unique gift idea for men with the Big Book Of Crochet.
    Crochet Golf Club Covers For Men

    7. A Thick, Comfy Pair Of Socks: Instead of just buying him another bag of boring socks this season, crochet him a unique pair! These socks are perfect for any occasion, and are sure to keep his feet warm all winter!  Crochet warm socks for the man on your list with I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks.

    Crochet Socks For Men

    8. A Crochet Sleeve For His Coffee Cup: Is the man on your list an avid coffee drinker? Then he is sure to find use from this great crochet coffee cup sleeve. It will help protect his hands - perfect for coffee on the go! Crochet this great gift for men now with Use Up That Yarn!

    Crochet Coffee Sleeve for Men

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Crochet.

  • The All-New Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

    Our Innovative Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  breaks the mold of a traditional knitting loom. At first glance, you might ask a simple question:

    Why Oval?

    Oval Loom Kit Large Oval Loom, Small Oval Loom & Stitching Tool

    Easy Handling

    If you've ever held a traditional straight loom, you know spacing in the center of the loom can be tight.  The all-new oval shape is easy to hold and use, since it is just deep enough to allow plenty of room in the center to work.

    Oval vs. Straight and Round Looms

    Traditional Loom Assortment of Round and Straight Looms

    When compared to the straight loom, the oval loom is easier to use due to the room in the center to work.

    When comparing an oval loom and a round loom with the same number of pegs, it's easier to hold the oval loom.


    The peg spacing is ½” making it a small gauge loom perfect for lighter weight yarns.   A single strand of #3 light weight yarn and #4 medium weight yarns can be used.

    Ultimate Oval Loom Kit

    Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set Ultimate Loom Knitting Set Packaging

    Inside the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  you'll find the following:

    • Small Loom ~ 11 3/4" x 5 1/2" with 54 Pegs
    • Large Loom ~ 15 1/2" x 9 3/8" with 70 Pegs
    • Stitching Tool
    • 48-page Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting with 7 Projects
    54 Peg Loom, 70 Peg Loom & Stitching Tool from Oval Loom 54 Peg Loom, 70 Peg Loom & Stitching Tool
    Beginner's Guide Oval Loom Knitting Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting


    This is ideal loom for lighter weight projects including baby blankets, mitts, hats, scarves, cowls, bags, afghans, and more.   The 48-page Beginner's Guide has clear photos and friendly step-by-step instructions.  Here are the projects you can make with the guide included with the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set: Basic Beanie, Striped Beanie, Fingerless Mitts, Family Tube Socks, Twisted Garter Hat, Twisted Garter Scarf, and Lace Cowl.

    Oval Loom Basic Beanie Basic Beanie
    Oval Loom Striped Beanie Striped Beanie
    Fingerless Mitts made with the Oval Loom Fingerless Mitts
    Family Tube Socks made with the Oval Loom Family Tube Socks
    Twisted Garter Hat made with the Oval Loom Twisted Garter Hat
    Oval Loom Scarf Twisted Garter Scarf
    Oval Loom Lace Cowl Lace Cowl

    Each of the seven projects in the Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting has easy, step-by-step photo directions.

    Who Can Use this Loom?

    Loom Knitting is popular for a reason.  A loom lessens the need for repetitive movements making it a great alternative for someone with arthritis, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, or any other condition that might result in hand or wrist pain.  Loom knitting is also a great choice for beginners, including kids!  This set is a great way to introduce kids to knitting; we recommend the Leisure Arts Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  for ages 8 and up.

    The oval loom steps up the benefits to the next level with the oval shape allowing for even easier handling and manipulation.  The extra room in the center of the loom makes loom knitting an even easier task.

    Get Started

    Oval Loom Back Cover Leisure Arts

    Now is the time to learn the basics of loom knitting while creating fabulous fashions and other small-gauge projects! In the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set , you’ll receive looms in two sizes (with 54 and 70 pegs), a stitching tool, and the Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting.  Just add yarn and you'll be loom knitting beautiful creations before you know it!

  • Favorite Sock Pattern

    This is my favorite sock pattern. I have knitted many socks with this pattern and other patterns. This is just a simple tube sock. Much easier than other sock patterns because it doesn’t have a heel flap or gusset to knit and no Kitchener stitch on the toes. I didn’t get this from a Leisure Arts book. But here is a good starter book by Leisure Arts that is very helpful How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy by Edie Eckman.

    Patons Kroy Sock Yarn Patons Kroy Sock Yarn

    I used Patons Kroy sock yarn for the finished pair of socks it’s a wool and nylon blend yarn. The other photo is another pair of socks is a self-stripping yarn wool yarn by Feederbrook Farms that I discovered at the new yarn shop in Little Rock called Yarn Kandy. Also Leisure Arts has a few sock yarns that you can order from their sight. A Lion Brand yarn called Sock Ease a wool and nylon blend yarn.

    Feederbrook Farms

    Feederbrook Farms

    I used size 5 double point knitting needles. I casted on 48 stitches, joined it in the round did the rib stitch which is knit 2, purl 2. I put a place marker to show where I joined it in the round this way I know where to start when I start my decrease. I continued with the rib stitch for 1 inch to 1½ inches. The knit in the round stockinette stitch til the sock is 14 to 15 inches. When you are ready to decrease knit 6, knit 2 together the next round knit. Decrease one row and knit the next. Do this until you have 8 stitches. Cut a good size tail 6 to 8 inches. With a darning needle weave it through all 8 stitches and bind off. I like to go around the stitches twice this makes it a little stronger. Have fun knitting. I know I do. Socks make a great Christmas gift.

  • Picking Up Stitches At End Of Rows: A Knitting Tutorial


    I was thinking about picking up stitches the other day, because sometimes I think about those things.  I had thought it would be terrifying and ridiculous, but when I worked my first heel on my first pair of socks, it wasn't a big deal.  Maybe the instructions in I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks were incredibly clear.  Maybe I'm just a natural when it comes to knitting socks.  Maybe you can do anything if you have a good tutorial. 

    Maybe it's a mix of those things, minus the joke about my preternatural sock skills.  I do not have sock skills.  But I'd like to make another pair soon, and I'm going to make sure I have this video playing when it time for me to pick up the stitches on my heel flap. 



    Because I totally did it wrong last time!  Of course.  Like I said, I was joking about having sock skills.  


    But I did enjoy the Basic Sock Pattern and I love self-striping yarn and I would like to try more patterns from I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks.  And now I know some more things about picking up stitches!   And I think I'll use a crochet hook, too.  Leaps and bounds with this sock-knitting business!  And I had fun the last time I made socks.  I'll have even more fun when I've got a better understanding of how to work on those tricky heels.

    Having some warm socks and having the slightest inkling about how to make them well?!  I really can't think of anything more fun than that.

  • I Knitted a Pair of Socks and I'm Very Excited About It!

    Attention, everyone: I have knit my very first pair of socks!

    I can't believe it!  Yes, I can.  Maybe. 

    I know, I know.  They're not that amazing. Even though my gauge was fine, these socks are big, floppy monsters.  And one is even bigger and floppier than the other because I somehow missed a set of decreases and straight rows on my first sock and then remembered them on the second one.  I've already made a note to myself to make my 'mistake' the next time I make these.

    But that was the whole point.  I have made a pair of socks and now I know how to knit socks.  If I do this a few more times, I can find out what types of socks I like to make or wear.  Maybe I want to use the magic loop method with one really long circular needle, or maybe I love knitting with four double-pointed needles.  I already know that I like working with bamboo needles when I'm working with DPNs, and I know that because I've tried different types--and I'm sure knitting socks is kind of like that.  I'm just going to keep trying stuff out and seeing what works and what I enjoy.

    I do know that I love the yarn I used for this.  This yarn is actually what made me go ahead and try to knit some socks for myself!  It's Patons Kroy Socks in Ragg Blue.  Obviously I didn't use a new skein for my second sock, and just picked up the new one when I ran out of yarn.  I'm frugal (or cheap), and I already knew these socks weren't going to be perfect.  So I've got some weird stripes going on here.  Some of them I like, but some are a little silly.

    Yes, I am referring to you, heel turning weirdness.

    But being free to make all kinds of mistakes let me plunge right into this messy attempt and keep going even thought I could tell these weren't going to be my best works.  The instructions in I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks were remarkably clear and I chose the Basic Socks pattern to keep things simple and....basic.  And they were!  And, in spite of all the flaws I've just listed with my own knitting, I love these socks.

    I've been wearing my very own hand knit socks around the house each evening and my feet are warm and stripey, even if they are a little too slouchy.  I mean, I made these socks!  With my hands and needles!  I'm feeling proud and happy with these, and I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks is an excellent guide for learning how to knit socks--and has some lovely patterns as well!  I made sure to stick to the pattern (except for when I forgot to), unlike the last time I had a pretty sad attempt at making a single toddler sock.  Which reminds me!  Now I need to look for a toddler-sized pattern (I'm not getting crazy with mods just yet--at least not with this type of knitting) so I can make some small socks for my small girl.

    Because now I know how.


  • Crocheting Socks. Yes. Socks!

    While I'm entertaining thoughts of becoming a sock knitter, I thought I'd go ahead and learn to be a sock crocheter as well.  Why not?  I've been trying to learn more about crochet for the past few months and, since crochet stitches tend to be a bit taller than knit stitches, I thought that I might be able to add some socks to my Christmas gift stash.

    And beside, crocheted socks.  The novelty appealed to me.

    So I bought I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks and got to it!

    I'm starting myself off with the tube socks, because those are pretty plain and simple. 

    But there are instructions for socks with heels, too!  And you can go top-down, or toe-up!  Options, man!  There's a whole world of crocheted socks I had never heard about.

    The Tube Socks call for lightweight yarn, and I'm using some Loops & Threads baby yarn that's a 3.

    And so far, things are going well!  They seem too large or too baggy or too gray at times, but then I put them on my foot and they look fine.   They're for a friend who's turning 12, and nearly every twelve-year-old boy in the universe is bigger than I am.  So I'm hoping these will see some use.  I also used acrylic yarn because if these socks see any use at all, they're going to need to see a washing machine as well.

    This pattern calls for the extended single crochet stitch, which lends a little give to the crocheted fabric but keeps it's not as 'open' as most crochet stitches.  See?

    These are coming right along, and I'm already asking myself two things.  1) Do I have some lightweight yarn for the top stripes, or will I keep these super plain and basic?  2)  Do I have enough of this yarn for my own pair?  Because these are feeling pretty comfy and I'm starting to like them a lot!

  • How Not to Knit Socks: A Cautionary List

    Don't do a gauge swatch.

    Ask yourself, "Wait, is this the right number of stitches for my size?"  Then immediately reply to yourself, "I'm sure it's fine.  I'll dig the instructions out later."

    Yeah, sure that will fit my adult-sized ankle....

    Decide to knit the heel in a different color yarn because you think a different-colored heel would be nice.  Even though this is not that kind of pattern.

    Let your two-year-old pretend to knit on double pointed needles even though you normally only let her play with your circulars.

    Try to rethread those DPNs through those little loops while traveling on Arkansas's marvelous roads.

    Pay only passing attention to the directions and miss that part about knitting in between decrease rounds.

    Try to work in modifications on the first time you've ever done anything like this.

    Let your little girl try on the socks even though you have already decided to never knit socks again.

    Watch her get incredibly excited about wearing her sock and surprisingly upset when she has to take them off.

    Realize you will not only be completing this project, but you will also be making another one.


    And in case you're curious about how TO knit socks, I did manage to pick up a few good things in this little knitting experiment.  Here they are, in no particular order:

    1. Actually read your book about knitting because it's a good book!  Read it well.  Keep it nearby.
    2. Stick with the pattern.
    3. After you screw up the pattern, go ahead and finish it so you at least have the practice of doing all the steps to knitting a sock.  Also, that way you can say YOU MADE A WHOLE SOCK AND DIDN'T GIVE UP!
    4. Acknowledge those accomplishments, baby!
    5. Make a list of things you'll do differently next time.
    6. Buy yourself some more sock yarn for that next time because it's a lovely motivator.
  • The June 20 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter

    Just in case you missed it, here’s all the new news that went out in the June 20 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter:

    Fill your need to knit, crochet, knook, and cook with new how-to books from Leisure Arts! Great titles like the Big Book of Loom Knitting, Learn to Crochet Socks, and more have just arrived to spark your creativity!
    Time’s flying! Have you entered our Knook & Tell Contest yet? We wanna see photos of what you’ve been knooking! Check out the collage above for a peek at some of the entries so far! The deadline for submitting your entry is July 15. Don’t miss your chance to win a $500 shopping spree, a yarn package from Bernat, and assorted Knook products!
    For bargains, browse all the different skill categories in our Current Promotions list. For more info about what’s happening at Leisure Arts, our Facebook page and Everyday Life at Leisure daily blog always have the latest news, so bookmark those sites and visit often.

    Editor's Corner:
    Knitting looms are amazingly easy to use, and they're available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Look at the stylish knits you can create—without knitting needles! All the basic instructions are here. You can make hats, wraps, and a cozy blanket with sleeves (inspired by those popular fleece cover-ups sold on TV!). There are slippers, scarves, a felted tote, and mitts that convert to more!

    Free Project: GREEN FRITTATA
    For a meal that’s both tastes good and is good for you, whip up our free June recipe for Green Frittata, one of 116 vegetable recipes in Deliciously Healthy Vegetables. It’s chock full of broccoli, peas, and spinach, so if you’re looking to eat your veggies, this recipe’s the perfect choice!

    In the Spotlight:
    Learn to Crochet Socks for the Family (5567) So comfy and soft, hand-crocheted socks are one of life's ultimate luxuries! Crochet expert Darla Sims presents 15 cozy toe-warmers for the family and also teaches you how to design your own. There are socks and slipper socks for children, women, and more!

    Knit Dishcloths (5568)
    Making dishcloths is quick and fun! Even better, this plentiful collection of 15 designs by Julie A. Ray can be knitted—or more!

    Family Living Classics: Chicken Snacks and Soups—Salads, Too (75396)
    Tender, tasty chicken is a favorite family food, but that doesn't mean you always have to cook it the same way. This book presents 35 recipes for a wide variety of chicken soups, salads, and snacks that make exciting choices for lunch, dinner, and informal more

    Family Living Classics: Snacks for Children—Vegetarian (75397)
    Are you looking for children's snacks that are kid-friendly but also meet parents' nutrition concerns? Choose from 37 quick, easy, and healthy vegetarian options for mornings, lunches, and after school. Most are shapes and sizes that kids can relate to, with lots of finger foods they can eat fast and then rush off to play. Don't be surprised when grown-ups love these recipes, more!

    Family Living Classics: Cakes and Cookies (75398)
    Cakes and cookies are sweet delights that help us celebrate life's special occasions, as well as to savor everyday moments. Whether it's fancy cakes for birthdays or parties, or simple desserts and cookies for snacking, the 33 recipes in this book will help you impress guests and please loved more!

    Family Living Classics: Microwave Cooking (75399)
    For today's busy families, the microwave oven often saves the day. Making it possible to prepare great meals in minutes, microwaves even let you do the cooking in the serving dish, so there is less mess to clean up afterward. This book has a range of delicious microwave recipes, from starters and soups to desserts and more!

    Family Living Classics: Sizzlers Cookbook (75410)
    There's nothing quite like the sound and smell of sizzling food to make diners sit up and take notice. With a little adaptation and a cast iron serving griddle, many of your favorite foods can be presented this way. Our 38 recipes reflect a variety of cuisines to serve as a sizzling meal-in-one with interesting more!

    Family Living Classics: Sandwiches and Wraps—Vegetarian (75411)
    Easy to fix, easy to eat, and easy to carry along, sandwiches and wraps are family favorites any time of day. With the huge variety of healthy breads now available, building a nutrition-filled sandwich takes just minutes. And once you know the basics of a wrap, it's fun to create innovative tastes and more!

    Current Promotions
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    Holiday Celebration Sale! The holidays are the perfect time for crafting, quilting, paper crafting, painting, crocheting and more. Visit to find patriotic projects for July 4th plus inspiration for all your favorite occasions at 30% off! Offer runs from June 20-July 5!
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