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  • Crochet Gifts For Teen Guys

    Top Gifts To Crochet Teenage Guys

    Teenage guys are notoriously hard to shop for. This year, don't buy them a gift - crochet one! Whether he loves sports, hunting, or technology, you can find a great gift to crochet for him.

    1. A Cozy Blanket In His School Colors: This crochet stadium blanket is a great gift for guys who love sports or love showing their school spirit. Perfect to keep in his car or take to sporting events. Crochet this great gift for teenage guys with School Colors.

    Crochet Stadium Blanket For Guys

    2. A Crochet Pouch For His Tech: This crochet sleeve is great for keeping tablets, eReaders, or small laptops safe! The soft yarn keeps the screen free from scratches. A smart, useful gift for teenage guys. Start on this quick, easy project now with Beginner-Friendly Crochet.

    Tablet Sleeve For Teen Guys

    3. Crochet Sports Gear: Crochet his favorite team's mascot, then make a matching scarf, hat, and can cozy in that teams colors. He will love showing his team spirit with these pieces, plus they are sure to keep him warm on cold days! Make gifts teen guys will love with Home Team Gear.

    Team Gear For Teen Guys

    4. A Sporty Afghan: Get your game on with afghans for good sports! This crochet afghan featuring a slot machine with a winning reel of three 7’s will be a perfect gift for the man in your life. Generously sized and surprisingly easy to crochet, this is great addition to any man cave. Get this unique pattern in Sportacular Afghans.

    Crochet Slot Machine Afghan

    5. A Slouchy Camo Beanie: Crochet a trendy, slouchy beanie for the guy on your list. If he loves hunting or being outdoors, then he will love this camouflage hat! Great for looking fashionable and staying warm in winter. Get started on this great gift for guys now with Celebrity Slouchy Beanies For The Family 2.


    6. A Sporty Stadium Seat: The teen guy on your list will love showing his school spirit with this comfortable stadium cushion. Make it in his favorite team colors and he is sure to take it to every game. You can start on it now with the Sporty Stadium Seat ePattern.

    Stadium Seat For Teen Guys

    7. An Oversized Scarf: Crochet a trendy, chunky scarf for the teen guy on your list. Whether he's a bit edgy or more preppy, any guy will love these giant cozy scarves! Great for braving the coldest of days. Crochet him a trendy scarf with Super Scarves.

    Crochet Scarf For Teen Guys

    8. A Pair Of Sporty Tube Socks: Crochet the teen guy on your list a pair of sporty socks this season. He will appreciate their comfort and warmth. A great stocking stuffer or small gift! Give one pair, or several. Get started now with I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks.

    Crochet Socks For Teen Guys

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  • Crochet Gifts For Women

    Top Gifts To Crochet Women

    Use your crochet skills to make unforgettable gifts this season. The women on list will love getting a unique, handmade gift and appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it. Find the perfect gift idea today.

    1. This Beautiful Starlight Afghan: Crochet the woman on your list our most popular afghan! She will love the whimsical peppermint pattern, and anticipate putting it on display every year during the holiday season! Get everything you need to start on this gift for the woman on your list with the Starlight Afghan Kit.

    Starlight Afghan For Women

    2. A Colorful Crochet Tote: Crochet a fun, fashionable bag for the woman on your list. She will love the bright colors and unique yarn look and the fact that it's big enough to fit all the essentials! Perfect for any occasion. Crochet this bag with Terrific Totes.

    Crochet Purse For Women

    3. A Unique Handcrafted Necklace: Combine your crochet skills with beads and nylon cord to make unique jewelry pieces. The woman on your list will love this necklace! The neutral colors make it perfect to wear with almost anything! Learn how to make this great gift with Beaded Beauties To Crochet.

    Crochet Necklace For Women

    4. A Cute Tablet Cover: Whether the woman on your list loves to browse the internet on her tablet or curl up with an eReader, she will love this crochet tablet cover! The braided design is unlike anything she will have seen in stores. Cute, and it will keep her device safe! Start this great gift now with Bags & Backpacks.

    Tablet Cover For Women

    5. A Warm, Colorful Scarf: Create the perfect gift for her while mastering the art of crocheting symmetrical scarves. The result will be a unique, cozy scarf that she will love to wear season after season! Get started on this crochet gift for women today with Mirror Image Scarves.

    Crochet Scarf For Women

    6. A Crochet Bath Set: Treat her to relaxation with this unique gift idea! First, crochet these cute baskets - she will love to use them as storage and decor in her bathroom! Next, fill them with fun soaps, bubble baths, or lotions to help her relax. She will love this thoughtful gift! Create these baskets now with the Big Book of Crochet.
    Bath Baskets For Women

    7. A Fashionable, Cozy Cardigan: Flattering on any body type, this cardigan makes the perfect gift! Use crocodile stitches to make this unique piece that the fashionable woman on your list is sure to love. Start on this great gift idea for women now with the Crocodile Stitch Cardigan ePattern.

    Crochet Cardigan For Women

    8. A Set Of Floral Scrubbies: These scrubbies are quick to crochet, and make great stocking stuffers or small gifts! Create this fun floral set for the woman on your list - great for a relaxing bath or for use in the kitchen. Crochet these scrubbies now with So-Cute Scrubbies.
    Crochet Floral Scrubbies For Women
    9. A Fun Cup Cozy: This cute cozy makes a great gift to warm hearts and safeguard fingers from hot cups. The woman on your list will love accenting her cup with this cute piece each day. Crochet cute cup sleeves for the women in your life now with Cup Cozies.

    Cup Cozy For Women

    10. A Floral Coin Purse: Help the woman on your list organize her purse with this cute change holder. It's the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer - Quick, easy, and practical. Crochet this cute coin purse now with Totes & Bags.

    Crochet Coin Purse For Women
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  • Crochet Gifts for Teenage Girls


    Teenage girls can be hard to shop for, but they will love these handmade crochet gifts. Whether you're shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthdays, you'll find a gift any teenager will love.  Crochet your favorite teenaged girl a gift from this list and you're sure to see a big smile on her face!


    1. A Slouchy, Warm Hat: Crochet the teenage girl in your life something both warm and trendy! Whether she likes to kick up her heels or escape into her daydreams, a slouchy beanie will be a great gift. With cute details ranging from button flaps to cables and chevrons, you'll find the perfect crochet gift for her in Urban Slouch Hats.



    2. An Adorable Tablet or Laptop Cover:  Teenage girls will love the cute cabled look of this crochet tablet cover, and the soft yarn will protect her tech! Create the perfect crochet gift for Christmas with Crochet Bags & Backpacks!



    3. A Cozy Crochet Cardigan: Fashion-conscious teenagers are always searching for the perfect pieces. She will love to get a nice, thick cardigan to keep her warm on the coldest days this winter. Crochet a Christmas gift she will love this season with Crochet It. Love It. Wear It!



    4. Fingerless Gloves: Fingerless gloves are the perfect gift for a teenage girl - they allow her to text and use her hands while cozy yarn and stitches keeps her hands warm. Plus, they're cute! Crochet her a pair in her favorite colors with the easy designs in Family Favorites.



    5. A Bulky Scarf with a Pop of Color: Teenage girls will love to wear this bulky scarf all season long. It's neutral, but the colors are eye-catching and fun! Plus, it's easy to make! The stunning gradient of color is created using self-striping colors in the Landscapes Lion Brand Yarn. Get started now with Stripe Savvy.


    6. A Cute Afghan for Cuddling up with Netflix:  Any teenage girl's face will light up when she opens this present. Crochet this afghan in bright, eye catching colors for a fun, modern look. It's perfect size to curl up with on the couch. Get the easy pattern now in Easy Afghans.



    7. An Oversized Tunic:  This oversized crochet sweater will be perfect to pair with leggings and boots. Any teenage girl would be delighted to wear it out and show it to all her friends. Create this great crochet gift in time for Christmas with Relaxed Fashion.


    8. A Crochet Crossbody Bag:  Crossbody bags are a perfect small size for carrying all the essentials a teenage girl needs - a cell phone, keys, wallet, & makeup.  Plus, she will love having her arms free! Choose yarn in her favorite color and embellish with cute buttons, as shown in Easy Essential Bags.


    9. A Chevron Cup Cozy:  These cute cozies make great gifts to warm hearts and safeguard fingers from hot cups.  Great as a small gift or stocking stuffer, she will love using these around the house or at school! This holiday season, crochet her Cup Cozies.


    10. A Hip Mustache Pillow:  Who can resist pillows? They soften our world and add decorative accents to lots of different rooms. This pillow will be the perfect quirky accent to her bed, and will be a hit at sleepovers. Crochet a gift she'll love with Pillow Fun.



    11. A Long Beaded Necklace:  Who This long beaded necklace has so many outfit possibilities - she will love to wear it, and you will love to make it! Use your crochet techniques with beads and nylon cord to make her a gift she will love. Get started today with Beaded Beauties to Crochet.

    Crochet Necklace For Teen Girls
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  • Summer Yarn: Finger Crochet a Scarf or Necklace in Cotton

    I do love scarves as a great embellishment to most outfits. They can be fun and funky, or sleek and classic; chunky for coats, silky for dresses. Now that summer temperatures and humidity are looming, I don't want anything heavy, bulky or scratchy around my neck.  But I do want to wear a little extra color and pizzazz to more casual outfits. The perfect solution is a light-weight, airy Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace in cotton yarn!

    After choosing my yarn colors, I was off making chain after chain. I did hold my yarn a little differently than demonstrated in Leisure Arts' Finger Crochet video, (this video is found as an additional video listed with the, "Learn to Arm Knit" video. Scroll down below the initial viewing window and select the Finger Crochet video). Once I got comfortable with how I was finger crocheting, I easily fell into a rythym.

    Make chain stitches one after another creating a long chain for your Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace. Make crochet chain stitches one after another creating a long chain for your Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace.

    I knew Leisure Arts had both a video tutorial and pattern associated with finger crocheting, so all I had to do was to rummage through my cotton yarn stash and choose some colors. When I learned how to arm knit, I remember seeing a bonus finger crochet pattern shown in the leaflet, 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit. If you don't have a stash of yarn but are quite intrigued by arm knitting and finger crocheting, you might consider purchasing a kit that has all needed supplies included! The kit's contents found in 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit includes yarn, an instruction booklet with a finger crochet scarf pattern and tassel/pom-pom making techniques.

    My Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is growing. Finger Crochet is described in several Leisure Arts' items: 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit Kit and 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit. My Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is growing. Finger Crochet is described in Leisure Arts' items 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit Kit and 75517 - Learn How to Arm Knit.

    I chose colors that were definitely summery that elicited thoughts of beach breezes, mild winds, shoreline discoveries, porch swings, bare feet...relaxed fun. Trying to look fresh and cool during the summer can sometimes be difficult. In order to remain comfortable while adding some relaxed embellishment to my outfits, I wanted to use cotton yarn. It is light-weight and breathable. Both of these characteristics were necessities for my scarf or necklace that I planned to drape around my neck during the summer!

    Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in colors Cornflower Blue and Cool Breeze Ombre. The Learn to Arm Knit booklet that is included in the kit; note the Bonus items listed on the front cover. Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn in colors Cornflower Blue and Cool Breeze Ombre. The Learn to Arm Knit booklet standing next to the box is included in the KIT; note the Bonus items listed on the front cover.

    I knew I had to have a very long chain to loop multiple times around my head in order to drape properly. I just kept in the zone of chaining; it was much easier to keep going once I started rather than breaking my time up into crocheting segments. I never did measure my final length of chain; I can only guess how long it was if the inside loop measures 27" in diameter when I laid it on the table.

    Close-up of the length of chain looped around and around trying to determine the final appearance of the scarf or necklace. Close-up of the length of chain looped around and around trying to determine the final appearance of the Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace.
    Finger crochet chain - chain - chain to whatever length you desire! The inside circle loop measures 27". Finger crochet: chain - chain - chain to whatever length you desire! The inside circle loop measures 27" inches in diameter.

    As I was crocheting, I thought of adding a little something more to finish the scarf a little differently than the examples that I had seen showing bulky yarns. I did not want to add weight to my project because that would defeat the purpose of the scarf or necklace being light-weight. I returned to my stash and found a solution!

    Other supplies used: 7-9mm Freshwater Pearls, Stretch Magic bead and jewelry cord (0.7 mm / 0.28 in), and a wooden button (1.5" in diameter). Other supplies used: 7-9mm Freshwater Pearls, Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord (0.7 mm / 0.28 in), and a wooden button (1.5" in diameter).

    I strung some Freshwater Pearls onto Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord before weaving into one section of my project.

    Fresh water pearls strung on the Stretch Magic cord to add a little glimmer to the chain. Freshwater Pearls strung on the Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord to add a little glimmer to the chain.

    I attached the scarf or necklace together as described in leaflet 75517 - Learn to Arm Knit or instruction booklet contained in the 47134 - Learn to Arm Knit KIT. Then, I added a wooden button as my signature - I love buttons, too!

    The final Finger Crochet Scarf / Necklace has seven loops, not six as pictured when the innermost loop measured 27" inches in diameter. The final Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace has seven loops, not six as pictured when the innermost loop measured 27" inches in diameter.

    The Finger Crochet Scarf or Necklace is in summer colors and is a free-flowing pattern of loops. it is light-weight even with its added Freshwater Pearls and wooden button, and will feel cool hanging around my neck since it is made using cotton yarn.

    A snapshot at the end of the day; the necklace is a good length. A snapshot at the end of the day; the necklace is a good length.

    This is a great way to end a few long, hot days -- and summer hasn't officially begun! Until next time, stay cool!


  • The All-New Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

    Our Innovative Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  breaks the mold of a traditional knitting loom. At first glance, you might ask a simple question:

    Why Oval?

    Oval Loom Kit Large Oval Loom, Small Oval Loom & Stitching Tool

    Easy Handling

    If you've ever held a traditional straight loom, you know spacing in the center of the loom can be tight.  The all-new oval shape is easy to hold and use, since it is just deep enough to allow plenty of room in the center to work.

    Oval vs. Straight and Round Looms

    Traditional Loom Assortment of Round and Straight Looms

    When compared to the straight loom, the oval loom is easier to use due to the room in the center to work.

    When comparing an oval loom and a round loom with the same number of pegs, it's easier to hold the oval loom.


    The peg spacing is ½” making it a small gauge loom perfect for lighter weight yarns.   A single strand of #3 light weight yarn and #4 medium weight yarns can be used.

    Ultimate Oval Loom Kit

    Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set Ultimate Loom Knitting Set Packaging

    Inside the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  you'll find the following:

    • Small Loom ~ 11 3/4" x 5 1/2" with 54 Pegs
    • Large Loom ~ 15 1/2" x 9 3/8" with 70 Pegs
    • Stitching Tool
    • 48-page Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting with 7 Projects
    54 Peg Loom, 70 Peg Loom & Stitching Tool from Oval Loom 54 Peg Loom, 70 Peg Loom & Stitching Tool
    Beginner's Guide Oval Loom Knitting Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting


    This is ideal loom for lighter weight projects including baby blankets, mitts, hats, scarves, cowls, bags, afghans, and more.   The 48-page Beginner's Guide has clear photos and friendly step-by-step instructions.  Here are the projects you can make with the guide included with the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set: Basic Beanie, Striped Beanie, Fingerless Mitts, Family Tube Socks, Twisted Garter Hat, Twisted Garter Scarf, and Lace Cowl.

    Oval Loom Basic Beanie Basic Beanie
    Oval Loom Striped Beanie Striped Beanie
    Fingerless Mitts made with the Oval Loom Fingerless Mitts
    Family Tube Socks made with the Oval Loom Family Tube Socks
    Twisted Garter Hat made with the Oval Loom Twisted Garter Hat
    Oval Loom Scarf Twisted Garter Scarf
    Oval Loom Lace Cowl Lace Cowl

    Each of the seven projects in the Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting has easy, step-by-step photo directions.

    Who Can Use this Loom?

    Loom Knitting is popular for a reason.  A loom lessens the need for repetitive movements making it a great alternative for someone with arthritis, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, or any other condition that might result in hand or wrist pain.  Loom knitting is also a great choice for beginners, including kids!  This set is a great way to introduce kids to knitting; we recommend the Leisure Arts Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set  for ages 8 and up.

    The oval loom steps up the benefits to the next level with the oval shape allowing for even easier handling and manipulation.  The extra room in the center of the loom makes loom knitting an even easier task.

    Get Started

    Oval Loom Back Cover Leisure Arts

    Now is the time to learn the basics of loom knitting while creating fabulous fashions and other small-gauge projects! In the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set , you’ll receive looms in two sizes (with 54 and 70 pegs), a stitching tool, and the Beginner's Guide to Oval Loom Knitting.  Just add yarn and you'll be loom knitting beautiful creations before you know it!

  • Aran Scarf | 50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches

    Hey Crafters!
    I finally finished my aran scarf. I used one of the patterns in "50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches."

    This what the eBook will look like when you download it.

    scrolling through the PDF to find the perfect stitch

    This is The Yarn I UsedThis is me knitting the scarf.

    Here is a close-up of the back of the cables.

    The finished scarf posing with yarn and coffee.

    A photo from the fall-themed photo shoot I did with the scarf for Instagram

    Me showing some of the scarves' flaws.

    This is my first cabled project so there are a few mistakes. Parts of the scarf are knit tightly, and other parts are knit very loosely. I also had lots of issues dropping stitches. But I love it!

    Me wearing the scarf.

    Thanks for reading!

    Stay Crafty!


  • 10 Types of Scarves to Be Excited for This Fall

    If you are a knitter or a crocheter (or both) scarves might be your favorite accessory. Here are 10 different styles of scarves to DIY! 
    1. Pockets
    So cute! Keep your hands warm without having to bother with mittens. 
    quince&co: Skadi
    Ravelry: Shui Kuen Kozinski 
    2. Cowls 
    Everyone loves a good cowl. Knit or crochet! 
    Knit Cowls
    Crochet Cowls
    3. Bulky
    There is just something wonderful about a big bulky scarf in the winter. They are warm, and an especially stylish way to pull together an outfit. 
    The Freckled Fox
    Etsy: LuluLuvs
    4. Skinny 
    While they might not be as warm as a bulky scarf, skinny scarves are certainly stylish. 
    Skinny Scarves
    Ravelry: Jared Flood

    5. Long

    There are so many different ways to wear an extra long scarf.

    Etsy: ThreeBirdNest
    Loom Knit Hats & Scarves
    6. Short
    Show off your artistic side with these extra-stylish scarves. 
    Knit Cowls
    7. Scoodie 
    I have mentioned this unique scarf trend before. "Scoodie" stands for "scarf hoodie". 
    Hooded Scarves - Book 2
    Art Fire 

    8. Infinity 

    These scarves go right along with bulky scarves in being trendy. So many fun ways to wear this scarf that is a big circle.

    Etsy: ThreeBirdNest

    9. Buttons

    A cute and stylish addition to a scarf. This scarf is a loom knitting favorite! 
    Loom Knit Hats & Scarves

    10. Ears

    Ok, it's a little silly. But are these not adorable? 
    Ravelry: Mary Beth Temple
    Thanks for reading!
    Stay Crafty!
  • Simple Seed Stitch

    I made the Seed Stitch pattern from Skinny Scarves.  I added ten extra stitches, so it's not that skinny.  But I really love seed stitch, so I wanted more of it to knit.  It was awesome.

    I cast this on in a bit of a frenzy last week when I thought I didn't have anything in my gift stash and my sister's birthday was only a few days away.  A simple seed stitch scarf sounded pretty and quick.  This has been both!  The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn and #10 needles.  I used some Bernat Softee Chunky (the old version) and #10.5 needles.  This knitted up quickly and beautifully, and turned out to be an excellent stashbuster as well!  Perfect!

    I sped through the endless knits and purls while playing with my daughter, waiting for pictures to upload on other blog posts, or watching television.  By the time I'd reached my second skein, I was a lot more relaxed about having a present.  This was looking so lovely, and there's something almost hypnotic about simple seed stitch.  I knew my sister would like the width and length--I worked until the scarf was over six feet long and had nearly 300 yards of yarn in it.  And I know I liked working on this.

    For the record, I remembered that I had also had put away the Easy Going Beanie from Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family especially for her birthday several months ago!  By the time I realized I probably shouldn't trust my memory and go through my gift stash, I was already close to finishing up the scarf.  My sister was very happy with her handknit presents!  She usually is, which is why I knit for her in the first place, and I knew she would like the gray of the scarf especially. 

    I like it, too.

  • Knitting a Muffler!

    I'm knitting a scarf!  It's Franco's Muffler from Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Debbie's Favorites.  Actually, it's from my inbox because I got this a while ago as a Free Pattern Friday pattern.  But hey, if you'd like to try this then get yourself a copy of the book!  It's been marked down and there are ten other patterns that sound delightful!

    And please note that I said I am knitting this.  Not that I have knitted this.  I brought this along for a few hours of traveling last weekend and I really felt like I was really making progress.  After all, I had some #8 needles and some bulky weight yarn.  The main body is two rows over and over.  I'm kind of a fast knitter.  I could finish this in no time, right?


    I haven't knit a scarf in several million years, and so I'd forgotten that scarves are a million feet long.  Those numbers aren't exact, and I might be guesstimating on the conservative side, but this will be a nice project to pick up and work a few rows on when I'm in the mood for something simple.  There's just enough seed stitch in there to keep this from being a boring stockinette project, soI think I'll go until this seems long enough or I run out of yarn.

    The pattern calls for 500 yards or so of bulky weight yarn.  I'm using some Bernat Softee Chunky--the older discontinued kind--but there are plenty of other yarns out there that are just as soft and just-fluffy-enough.  I'm already wondering what this would look like in a chocolate brown.  I bet that would be nice.  I may try this again in that color!  I also think I might knit this up in a wool blend next time, or with 100% wool.  The stockinette stitches are really rolling the whole thing up.  Wool would holds its shape a bit better, and would block more easily.

    The pattern also calls for #9 needles to get a gauge of 14 stitches and 23 rows to get a 4" square.  You could go up or down a few needles sizes just to suit your own preference.  It's a scarf, so it should fit just fine and I think the stitch pattern will look fine no matter what.  Just use whatever you have already, or what's easiest on your hands.  I was initially worried about #8 needles making this too dense, but it's knitting up fine and I think it's going to be a really soft and solid-feeling scarf!

    Now I just need to finish it....

  • Crocheting the Hybrid Scarf

    I crocheted a shawl!  Sort of!  Fine, I crocheted the Hybrid Scarf from The Cuffed Shawl and More!, but I feel like it's close enough because I can pose like this:

    And that's how people pose when they've made shawls.

    I really super absolutely love this project.  It's fast, it's beautiful, and once you've set up your pattern you just zone out and crochet along with the Olympics and try to guess which color is coming up next.  The book model is made with Red Heart's Boutique Treasure yarn.

    But I looked at what my craft store had to offer and decided to use Lion Brand's Amazing.  It's the Ruby colorway and I will use Amazing just about any chance I get.  Because it looks like this:

    I used a J hook instead of the recommended K hook for gauge reasons.  I'm wondering if I should have used an I hook so this wouldn't be as holey, but I have to remind myself that this is kind of a shawl and those tend to get pretty holey.

    Because I have to say, this is a bit holey.  This isn't a super thick yarn, and it's crocheted into double crochet stitches.  But because the yarn is super fuzzy (and about 50% wool), I know this will all felt together to the point of never unraveling ever in the next few days and I'm pretty excited about it.  I want this to stick together a bit, get felty, and turn into a well-worn scarf-shawl-beautiful creation of warmth thing that I can enjoy for many more winters.

     I left off the edging because it involves shells and I generally don't like the scalloping look that a lot of crochet projects tend to have.  So I just didn't do it.  I went crazy with another row, and then got carried away and tried to crochet another extra row.

    I didn't quite make it.  But it's not too noticeable since I usually wear my scarves all scrunched up.


    Also: if you know how to work foundation stitches, I strongly encourage you to start your project with them.  Chaining over 100 stitches wasn't a big deal, but I think working a row with foundation stitches would have given the edge a lot more elasticity.  And that's pretty important if you plan on wearing this as a scarf instead of as a wrap or a shawl.  That's definitely what I'll do the next time I make this.

    I realize every time I talk about all the mods I did on a pattern--especially when it's on top of all the mods I'd like to add to a pattern--it sounds like I don't like the pattern.  But I do.

    See? Look at how happy I am!

    I think a good pattern is one that has clear instructions (duh), gives you a beautiful project (duh), and is flexible.  I feel like that third one deserves a 'duh' as well.  Crafters should be able to add or delete pattern elements from their projects without the whole thing falling apart.  And the Scarf Hybrid had a lot of opportunities to play around with the design--and even gave tips on how to make your shawl larger or smaller!  It's a perfect pattern, and I really would enjoy making this again.

    This delightful little project took 3 skeins (450ish yards) of yarn, and a little over 24 hours to make.  It's a pretty perfect weekend project if you're ready to crank out something simple, create a lovely gift, or you feel like you need to keep yourself warm with something new because you've learned that YET ANOTHER cold front is coming through and you have to boost your spirits somehow.
    Or maybe you're just a crocheter who's always wanted to be able to take a shawl picture.

    I think those are all excellent reasons, and you should definitely take my very biased word for it.

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