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  • Fashion Quilted Accessories

    Unique quilting ideas: that's what our all-new book Fashion Quilted Accessories is all about!  Today's Guest Blogger, Heidi Emmet, designed the fun patterns you'll find inside of Fashion Quilted Accessories and she's here today to talk about her inspiration for them. Welcome Heidi!

    My new book, Fashion Quilted Accessories, is for anyone who enjoys sewing, quilting, and creating something new and different. Each project is geared toward my motto: “Make it up, make it fun, and get it done! I’d love to tell you what inspired me to create the projects for this book. The cover of the book shows my Simply Super Quilted Vest.

    screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-5-11-32-pm Fashion Quilted Accessories by Heidi Emmett

    With a cityscape panel as the centerpiece, I auditioned other fabrics around it. A textured home decorating fabric that has a quilted ‘look and feel’ became the foundation of the vest. Panel pieces are really popular. Whatever panel you choose, use this vest pattern to create your own-one-of-a-kind Art-to-Wear piece.

    screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-5-12-35-pm Simply Super Quilted Vest

    I have really enjoyed the “big” necklaces that are out there. I own a couple. By the end of the day, my neck is so tired by the weight of all those ‘jewels’! I was sitting at my sewing machine and looking at a scrap of heavily machine quilted fabric. The colors of the fabric and stitching reminded me of faceted jewels. What if…… and yes, the “Colorful Circles Necklace and Earrings” project was born. Fun to make and light as a feather, you won’t want to stop at just one set!

    screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-5-12-14-pm Colorful Circles Necklace

    I knew I wanted to create a really different scarf and make a headband (or hat band) to match. I started walking the aisles of Joann’s. The allover butterflies in the quilting fabric section caught my eye. I carried that bolt over to the home decorating fabric department. I needed a “sheer” fabric that had some texture to hold the scarf knot in place and be easy to sew on. Use Terial Magic and an easy method to stitch down the motifs. What a chic and easy project to create.

    screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-5-42-57-pm Butterfly Scarf and Headband

    Check out this pictures of this 1960’s tote from South America:

    ???????????????????????????????????? A Vintage Bag Serves as Inspiration

    I had to bring it home from the thrift shop. It was so different from anything I had seen. As I looked at it more closely, it reminded me of saddlebags used by the Pony Express riders. I added the unusual idea of using a belt as the handle for this tote. I like being able to make the handle shorter or longer. Use all your favorite quilting fabrics in this one.

    Saddlebag Tote Saddlebag Tote

    I have a little draw-string jewelry holder which I use when I travel. I love how it almost opens flat, so I can find all the jewelry pieces that are stored inside. I took the same circle and drawstring idea and blew it waaay up.

    dsc_0265 My Sling Bag Coming Together

    The large circle I made needed to be a fun design in itself. Pinwheels are so interesting to look at, so that’s what I did. Use four of your favorite colors together in this Pinwheel purse.

    screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-5-12-04-pm Sling Bag

    There are so many beautiful scarf weight fabrics out there. Some are silk, rayon, or polyesters. I was looking at a printed piece that I had and doubled it in my hands and looked again. I loved the way the print showed through so subtly. The design had to be simple and easier to sew (very few seams) because of the slippery nature of the fabric. I had been looking through a design book by the great designer of the early 20th century, Erte’. His designs, while very intricate in nature, inspired me to go in reverse with my thinking. I started sketching what design would add a slimming silhouette while showing off a doubled sheer fabric to its best advantage. This vest will be a sensational piece to add to your wardrobe!

    Sensational Scarf Vest Sensational Scarf Vest

    I think I have succeeded in creating accessories that fit all levels of sewing skills from beginner to advanced. I want you to take your quilting to another level with these eye-catching fashions that show off your passion for beautiful fabrics! Thanks so much for visiting with me today. Please visit my blog to see what fun projects I’m working on now:

  • T-Shirt Bags

    T-shirt Bag T-shirt Bag

    It is Memorial Day Weekend that means warm weather can’t find a bag to take to the pool or beach. Back in April sometime around Earth Day I was aimlessly looking at different websites were I came across how to recycle old t-shirts. I cannot remember where I saw this. But I thought what a clever way to reuse those old favorite tees that you got a stain on or accidentally splashed bleach on or even your kid’s favorite tees that they have out grown. Turn them into bags. Make a bag for groceries, kid’s overnights, or even to give away as a gift. I myself never have enough bags to put projects in.

    Step One: Find a t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up.

    FullSizeRender (16)

    Step Two: Cut sleeves and ribbing off the neck and arm. (I like cutting at the seam and I do the front first and lay it flat to cut a little more off the back so that the front and back matches)


    Step Three: Turn t-shirt inside out and lay flat making sure that the bottom seam is even then cute 3-4 inches on both sides after that is done you are ready to start cutting anywhere from ½ an inch to an inch. I didn't measure I just guessed at it.


    Step Four: Pick an end and start making knots all the way across.

    Remember you want to make sure to turn your shirt inside out so your knots don’t show. I hope that you enjoy recycling some old t-shirts. I don’t know if you can post photos of your projects. But if you can I would love to see some of them. I know that I didn't get this from a Leisure Arts book but here is another clever idea to recycle your favorite T-Shirts a book by Leisure Arts called T-Shirt Quilt by Linda Causee. Maybe some day when I have enough nerve I will do this with all of my Hard Rock Cafe tees that I have collected over the years.

  • Paper Piecing: Basting Your Hexies

    The weather has turned cool again and I'm wishing I'd already finished my wrap but I can't stop paper piecing! Last week I talked about putting together a paper piecing kit and I'm back today to talk about my preferred method of basting those little guys.


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  • Make Your Own Paper Piecing Kit

    I've been going quilt crazy lately. It's possibly my new sewing machine (eek!) but it may be scrolling through all the amazing pattern books Leisure Arts publishes. I've got some machine quilts planned that I'll talk about in my next post but today I want to talk to you about paper piecing. Specifically, how to put together a little on-the-go box that will knock your quilt out in no time.

    paper piecing_edited-1

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  • Holiday Humpty Cupid

    Holiday Humpty Cupid

    (Click Here for Digital Download)

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  • Win It Wednesday: Options for Quilting!

    Drum Roll, Please!!!
    Our Winner is Carla G.!
    Happy Win It Wednesday! I’ve got a giveaway for the quilters today—the new quilt pattern book, 100 Any-Size Star Blocks from Linda Causee of The Creative Partners! This book is so cool cause it comes with a CD featuring 700 quilt block options, so you can print your own templates or paper-piecing patterns. You could win both book and CD in my Options for Quilting Giveaway! 
    100 Any-Size Star Blocks
    Whether you are an experienced quilter or just a beginner, finding templates or paper foundation patterns in the size you want can be a challenge. This book by Linda Causee and its enclosed CD can solve that problem. Just place the CD in your computer, click the block of your choice (in one of seven sizes from 2" to 8"), and print out all the templates or paper foundation patterns you need! The 100 designs include Spinning Star and Whirligig Blocks, Four-Patch and Nine-Patch Stars, Foundation Stars, and Stars and Stripes Blocks. You are sure to find just the pattern you want, and we have included basic instructions for traditional and paper piecing. So click away to make a bed quilt, wall hanging, or miniature quilt. You'll be a quilting star!
    Take a peek at some of the designs in this inspiring book:
    Rolling Stars
    Double Eight-Pointed Star
    Royal Diamonds
    Patriotic Stars
    Meet The Designer—Linda Causee!
    Linda Causee is a quilt editor for the Creative Partners needlework book production team. Other books she was authored for Leisure Arts include 24-Hour Baby Quilts, 48-Hour Applique Quilts, 100 Any-Size Applique Blocks, 100 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks, Freezer Paper Quilting, and more.
    Just leave a comment at the end of this post before next Wednesday, September 12, and you might win the giveaway of my copy of 100 Any-Size Star Blocks! (Please remember to give me your EMAIL address in the comment or in your profile, so I can contact you if you are the winner.) Just imagine how much you’ll enjoy all the quilting options you’ll find in this pattern book and CD combo! If you can’t wait to win, order your copy of 100 Any-Size Star Blocks now and let the creativity begin!
  • Fons & Porter Quilt Pattern Books — The 3 Newest!

    I harbor a deep love of quilting, so if you actually quilt, you have my deepest admiration! Right now, I’m looking at the pretty pictures in the three newest additions to the Leisure Arts series of the Best of Fons & Porter quilt pattern books and dreaming…If I could actually quilt…which of the 67 total designs would I make if I could? Wanna take a peek at some of my favorites?
    Best of Fons & Porter: Tips and Techniques
    The editors of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine share 225 tips and Sew Easy lessons to make quilting easier and more accurate in the first of these new quilt pattern books. This great collection includes ideas for organizing fabrics and tools, safety tips, and clever new ways to use everyday items. Trademarked Sew Easy lessons provide step-by-step photography for a variety of special techniques such as Quick Triangle-Squares, Mirror Images, Mitering Corners, Paper Foundation Piecing, Piped Binding, Strip Sets, Sewing Curved Seams, and Windowing Fusible Appliqué. Also included are 13 quilt projects that use the skills covered in the lessons. Choose the one that's right for you and learn a new technique!
    Berry Wreath & Grandmother's Daisy Garden
    Pick-Up Sticks & Luminosity Stars
    Best of Fons & Porter: Fun Quilts for Kids
    This fun collection of quilts that kids will love compiles 27 of the best quilts from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine. Designs feature themes on space, cowboys, penguins, charming flowers, fairies, vibrant geometrics, and more. Each quilt is shown in full color, accompanied by an assembly diagram, a complete materials list, and step-by-step instructions. There are projects for all skill levels, as well as styles from soft and sweet to bold and bright. Fons & Porter's popular Sew Easy lessons, which include step-by-step photography or diagrams, are included with some patterns to provide a little extra help with special techniques.
    Speedy & Anna Lena
    Penguin Party & Ziggity Zaggity
    Best of Fons & Porter: Star Quilts
    Star quilts are one of the most popular patterns with quilters, and the sky's the limit when it comes to the variety of star patterns that can be found. Patterns range from simple Ohio Stars to intricate paper foundation pieced designs. Quilts in this book from the editors of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine and its special editions include a spectacular Mariner's Compass, a beloved Lone Star, a unique slanted star, and a variety of other traditional Star patterns for all skill levels. Each quilt is shown in a lifestyle photograph and an assembly diagram, accompanied by a complete materials list and step-by-step instructions.

    Teeny Tiny Stars & 
    Conestoga Star
    Hunter Star & Mariner’s in a Pickle
    Meet The Designers: Marianne Fons and Liz Porter!
    Marianne Fons and Liz Porter have been working together for more than 30 years. From teaching quilting classes in the 1970s and 80s, they went on to host the No. 1 quilting show on public television and establish the popular magazine, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting. They also operate a quilt shop in Winterset, Iowa, and a web site,
    If you want to look at some pretty pictures or actually create some beautiful quilts yourself, order your copies of Best of Fons & Porter: Tips and Techniques, Best of Fons & Porter: Fun Quilts for Kids, and Best of Fons & Porter: Star Quilts today.
  • Quilt with Precut Fabrics!

    Jelly Rolls! Layer Cakes! Fat Eighths! You gotta love any kind of creativity that makes you think of dessert even when there’s no real food involved. It just stands to reason that there must be some feeding of the soul in that craft! Quilters, now’s your chance to indulge your creative soul with the delights of precut fabrics with our new quilt pattern book—A Passion for Precuts by Pam McMahon!
    A Passion for Precuts
    Jellyrolls! Layer cakes! Precut fabrics are so much fun, because one little bundle gives you a big variety of prints or solids. This means you can make scrap-style quilts--even if you don't have scraps! Pam McMahon's quilts stitch up beautifully with precuts such as fat quarters and jelly rolls. Add some additional yardage and make multi-fabric quilts that charm everyone who sees them! Projects include Pinwheel Palooza, Lickety-Split, Jelly Jubilee, Sew Simple, Light and Breezy, Hem 'N' Haws, and Double Dare Ya!
    Pinwheel Palooza Quilt made with fat eighths.
    Lickety-Split Quilt made with layer cakes.
    Jelly Jubilee Quilt made with jelly rolls.
    Sew Simple Quilt made with jelly rolls.
    Light and Breezy Quilt made with jelly rolls and layer cakes.
    Hem 'N' Haws Quilt made with jelly rolls.
    Double Dare Ya! Quilt made with jelly rolls.
    Meet The Designer: Pam McMahon

    Pam McMahon’s quilting career began about 30 years ago when she started working and teaching in a local quilt shop. Pam likes to create patterns that appeal to quilters of all skill levels. Typically her designs use traditional blocks and she prefers traditional fabrics, but she says her designs will look stunning in any collection of precut fabrics. She loves working with precuts because they provide a large group of coordinated fabrics and make the process of quilt-making faster and more convenient.

    If you want your dessert and creative quilt making, too, treat yourself to a stash of precut fabrics featuring jubilant jelly rolls, luscious layer cakes, or fabulous fat eighths, and order your copy of A Passion for Precuts today!
  • August 1 Leisure Arts Newsletter—Something For Everybody!

    Just in case you missed it, here’s all the news that went out in our August 1 Issue of the Leisure Arts Newsletter: We've got something for everybody!

    First, we need to do a little light housekeeping before we get to the good stuff! We’re asking all subscribers to the Leisure Arts Newsletter to update their subscription preferences! Let us know what categories you’re interested in (knit, crochet, cross stitch…), so that we can better share the info that you’re interested in. Just click HERE to select your interest categories and update your preferences. We’ll give you a FREE DOWNLOAD of Celebrating Cookies (normally $7.48) just for updating!
    Now for the good stuff…Take a look at all your new options for creativity!!! You could get an early start on Halloween with our new duct tape craft pattern book, discover crocheting in the round, create pretty embroidered wool pillows, sew simple dresses for your fav little girls, or even go a little wild adding some quilted color to your life! Plus, we’ve got an absolutely adorable free Knook Piggy amigurumi project for you this month from designer Amy Gaines!
    And Deals…We’ve got 10% off on everything Knit, free shipping on orders $25 and over from our site, buy a book/get its download free, and more!
    For more bargains, browse all the different skill categories in our Current Promotions list. For more info about what’s happening at Leisure Arts, our Facebook page and Everyday Life at Leisure daily blog always have the latest news, so bookmark those sites and visit often.

    Editor's Corner: Stick or Treat (5929)
    This Halloween, use the powerful magic of Duck Tape® to mutate into a horrifying swamp creature! Or follow our simple instructions to become a hair-raising zombie nurse or any of 11 fun or fiendish characters. Costumes include Be a Giant Roll of Duct Tape, Skeleton Bride, Hippie, Pirate, Punker, Duck, Swamp Monster, Zombie Nurse, Princess, Sassy Witch, and Ghoulish Greeter. Duck Tape® casts its awesome spell on pumpkins, too. And you can conjure your own cool accessories like masks, treat bags, and candy buckets. Want the eeriest house in the neighborhood? Put a gruesome guy or a giant spider in your front yard. Read more…

    Our August Free Project is this adorable LITTLE PIG TO KNOOK!
    Amy Gaines has a knack for making little animals in knit and crochet, and this cute pig free project is something she whipped up while playing around with the Knook, the tool from Leisure Arts that lets you knit with a crochet hook. Don’t you just love that little face! Check out Amy’s Leisure Arts knit and crochet pattern books: Little Knitted CreaturesCute Little Animals, and More Cute Little Animals and visit her on Facebook to see more of her delightful amigurumi designs!
    And while you’re online, take a look at all of our Knook tools, pattern books, and downloads! Just click HERE!

    In the Spotlight: Crochet, Embroidery, Sewing, & Quilts!
    Take a look all some of our new pattern book releases for crochet, embroidery, sewing, and quilting. There's a little something for everybody!

    Crocheting in Circles (5602) You can accomplish something marvelous by crocheting in circles! All ten of these amazing accessories include crocheting in rounds. The Encircled Wrap is accented by more than a dozen disc-shaped motifs, and more big dots add color to the Orange Pop Purse. Crocheting in the round also gives shape to a fashionable Josephine hat, Retro Rocket Market Bag, E-Reader Sweater, Bluebonnet Beret, Running in Circles Slippers, Fingerless Mitts, A Bushel and a Peck Scarf, and Cozy Toes Tube Slippers. Read more…

    Cozy Wool Applique Pillows (5647) What's more refreshing than a sunny day on the farm? Creating country landscapes with wool appliques and embroidery, of course! Seven farmland scenes invite your admiration on six pillows and a box lid. Just for fun, designer Elizabeth Angus also included an eighth design—a pillow featuring pretty heart appliques. Read more…

    Quick and Easy Dresses to Sew (5786) It's so sweet to see a baby, toddler, or girl in a pretty dress, especially when you've sewn that dress yourself. With these designs by Laurie Malm, you can quickly make an entire wardrobe of little warm-weather dresses! Most are as simple as sewing plain seams and cuffs or ruffles, while using binding to finish the armholes and shoulder ties. For an older girl, there's also a handy little bag that's so adorable when made to match her dress. Read more…

    Quilt Blocks Go Wild! (5652) Take a tame, familiar quilt block and unleash it to create a fresh, modern look. Eleanor Levie and five quilters famous for innovation put their spins on well-loved classics. Gorgeous photos make you gaga for wonky hearts, skewed nine-patches, a crazy-quilted star, split Log Cabins, a basket gone bonkers, and more. Guided by easy how-to’s and more than 120 step-by-step photos, even beginning quilters can make super-cool pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and bags. Read more…

    Be sure to check on current promotions at as new promotions will be added on a regular basis. Below are a few we are currently running.

    • Buy the Book & Get the Digital Free: Learn something new from our best-selling I Can’t Believe series of instructional books! All it takes is a little practice to master a new skill, and we’ll make it easy for you with our Buy the Book & Get its Digital version free deal! Just purchase the physical version of one of our select I Can’t Believe how-to books at regular price, and we’ll give you the digital download for free!
    • Stock your Knit library with our 10% off all Knit products promotion from now through August 15!
    • Get Free Shipping sitewide on orders $25 and over! No same day shipping. Contiguous USA only. Limited time offer!

    • Get Summer Sizzlin’ Savings on our Cookbook Bundle including 6 Family Living Classics—Sizzlers Cookbook, Microwave Cooking, Cakes and Cookies, Sandwiches and Wraps – Vegetarian, Snacks for Children- Vegetarian and Chicken Snacks and Soups—Salads, Too. Regularly priced $1.00 each, get them all now for the low price of $3.99 for all 6! Offer ends August 15!
    • Mary Engelbreit products on sale at 50% off the original retail price. Click here to see all of our products in this category.
    • We have select products marked at 40% off the original retail price in the following categories: CrochetCross StitchKnittingPaintingPaper CraftingQuilting and Sewing.
    • Select DVD products on sale at up to 50% off the original retail price -View Products
    • Clearance Products: These products have been placed on clearance and greatly discounted from the original retail price. Click here to see all of our products in this category.

  • Quilt Blocks Go Wild!

    Got a yen to follow this directive and take a walk on the wild side—of quilt blocks? The bright colors plus the fun and funky designs in Quilt Blocks Go Wild were enough to make me (a non-quilter) take a second and much longer look at this way cool new quilt block pattern book!
    Quilt Blocks Go Wild!
    Take a tame, familiar quilt block and unleash it to create a fresh, modern look. Eleanor Levie and five quilters famous for innovation put their spins on well-loved classics. Gorgeous photos make you gaga for wonky hearts, skewed nine-patches, a crazy-quilted star, split Log Cabins, a basket gone bonkers, and more. Guided by easy how-tos and more than 120 step-by-step photos, even beginning quilters can make super-cool pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and bags. There are also plenty of hands-on extras: tips and tricks for color, composition, and design, plus workbook (er, rather playbook) sections that offer lots of jumping-off points to tweak tradition and create your own original blocks. In short, you’ll be wild for these bold takes on old favorites!
    You’re gonna love these classic quilt block projects made with quilt blocks that are twisted and tweaked, sliced and skewed:

    Nine Patch Goes to Pot 

    a pair of potholders by Eleanor Levie

    Basket Goes Bonkers 
    a pocketed wall hanging by Eleanor Levie

    Log Cabin Split Level 
    a table runner by Pam Dinndorf

    Hearts Askew
     a wall hanging by Elizabeth Rosenberg

    Heart of Bold 
    a tote by Elizabeth Rosenberg

    Rail Fence Derailed
     2 pillows by Tonya Ricucci

    Squares Out of Square
     a lap quilt by Karla Alexander

    Drunkards Off The Path
     2 pillows by Malka Dubrawsky

    A Star Partly Crazy
     a bag by Eleanor Levie

    Eleanor Levie!

    Meet the Designers!
    Eleanor Levie thinks of herself as a crazy quilt—warm and a wee bit wacky. Author, editor, and book producer, she loves putting unexpected touches into her quiltmaking and inspiring quilters to go wild! Other quilt block designers featured in this book are Elizabeth Rosenberg, Tonya Ricucci, Malka Dubrawsky, Pamela Goecke Dinndorf, and Karla Alexander.

    If you’re ready to take Granny’s quilt block and kiss tradition goodbye, get ready, get set, go wild, and order your very own copy of Quilt Blocks Go Wild! Now!

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