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  • SILKEN EGGS: Hard Boiled Dye


    Colorful Easter eggs are traditional for Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and Easter table decorations. Away with the old tablet-dyed vinegar-water solution and in with the new silk tie-dyed eggs. Part science, and part mystery. Here are my hints gathered after reading and watching other articles and videos, and then making my own dyed Easter eggs for my seasonal decorations. Continue reading

  • Royal Diagonals Afghan

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  • Romance Afoot Rug


    (Click Here for Digital Download)

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  • Holiday Humpty Cupid

    Holiday Humpty Cupid

    (Click Here for Digital Download)

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  • Knitting a Muffler!

    I'm knitting a scarf!  It's Franco's Muffler from Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Debbie's Favorites.  Actually, it's from my inbox because I got this a while ago as a Free Pattern Friday pattern.  But hey, if you'd like to try this then get yourself a copy of the book!  It's been marked down and there are ten other patterns that sound delightful!

    And please note that I said I am knitting this.  Not that I have knitted this.  I brought this along for a few hours of traveling last weekend and I really felt like I was really making progress.  After all, I had some #8 needles and some bulky weight yarn.  The main body is two rows over and over.  I'm kind of a fast knitter.  I could finish this in no time, right?


    I haven't knit a scarf in several million years, and so I'd forgotten that scarves are a million feet long.  Those numbers aren't exact, and I might be guesstimating on the conservative side, but this will be a nice project to pick up and work a few rows on when I'm in the mood for something simple.  There's just enough seed stitch in there to keep this from being a boring stockinette project, soI think I'll go until this seems long enough or I run out of yarn.

    The pattern calls for 500 yards or so of bulky weight yarn.  I'm using some Bernat Softee Chunky--the older discontinued kind--but there are plenty of other yarns out there that are just as soft and just-fluffy-enough.  I'm already wondering what this would look like in a chocolate brown.  I bet that would be nice.  I may try this again in that color!  I also think I might knit this up in a wool blend next time, or with 100% wool.  The stockinette stitches are really rolling the whole thing up.  Wool would holds its shape a bit better, and would block more easily.

    The pattern also calls for #9 needles to get a gauge of 14 stitches and 23 rows to get a 4" square.  You could go up or down a few needles sizes just to suit your own preference.  It's a scarf, so it should fit just fine and I think the stitch pattern will look fine no matter what.  Just use whatever you have already, or what's easiest on your hands.  I was initially worried about #8 needles making this too dense, but it's knitting up fine and I think it's going to be a really soft and solid-feeling scarf!

    Now I just need to finish it....

  • Weekly Dishcloth: Trying Out a Free Pattern Friday Pattern

    Okay, have you signed up for Free Pattern Friday?  I feel like I talk about this a lot, but I also want to be sure that you know about it.  So, just in case: Free Pattern Friday is this glorious thing that happens when you sign up for the Leisure Arts weekly newsletter.  When that happens, you get to click on some boxes about your interests and decide if you would like a free crochet pattern each week, or a free knitting pattern each week.  So in addition to finding out about new titles,  sales, promo codes, and a featured blog post, you also get a free pattern.  It's a win-win-win-win-win situation.

    And last Friday, the featured pattern was the Knit Dishcloth and Potholder pattern.  Yes, I know that clicking that link takes to you the download page and you'll have to pay for it.  It's only free through email.  Which is how I got it.

    I'm repeating myself a lot because I love Free Pattern Friday and I love dishcloths and I love garter stitch.  So Friday's email was just full of happy surprises for me.

    Also, I love mixing up pink and red and the Valentine season gives me free reign to do so.  Fantastic!  I used red dishcloth yarn as my main color and some scraps of pink and white variegated yarn for the contrast.  There's a row of yarnovers and K2TOGs to give this dishcloth a little bit of pattern variety, but the rest of it is pure and simple garter stitch.   My favorite.

    I like the simplicity of the stitch, I like how well it cleans, and I honestly like how garter stitch looks.

    The color changes in yarn are just carried up a bit, and they would barely show even if you didn't crochet single crochet stitches around the edges.

    I liked that little detail, and I think it really tightened up the look of the dishcloth.  Does that makes sense?  I hope so.  At the very least, I know it made the whole thing look a little more put-together than just a square of garter stitch rows.  And chances are that even if you're mostly a knitter, you have a crochet around somewhere for something just like this.

    This took about a half-skein of regular Sugarn' Cream yarn, and a negligible amount of the contrast color.  I used Size 6 knitting needles and a G hook.  I think this would look nice and summery in some more muted solids, and maybe I make this again in plainer colors--especially if I need a nice hostess gift this summer.  But since I firmly believe anything can become a holiday pattern if you use the right colors, I love how this looks with the pink and red.  Yes, love it.

    Hey, can I mention Free Pattern Friday again?  I'm going to mention Free Pattern Friday again.  You should sign up and then you can have a free pattern on Friday.  It will be like getting a Valentine from Leisure Arts.  Let's be honest, if you're not getting yarn for Valentine's Day you may as well get a pattern.  It's going to be a lovely holiday indeed.

  • I Made a Weekendy Hat over the Weekend!

    Hello!  How was your weekend?  Mine was full of knitting.

    So. Much. Knitting.

    It was glorious.

    I made this hat!

    It's the Simple Rib Beanie, and I got this pattern on Friday because Leisure Arts is delightful and does Free Pattern Friday emails.  It's been a while since I've talked about this, so let me just say that you need to be signed up for the Leisure Arts newsletter and, by extension, Free Pattern Friday.  Because when you sign up for the weekly newsletter, you can check a little box indicating your interests and there are free weekly patterns for knitters and crocheters.  So you get emails about new books, sales, AND  a free pattern every week.

    Like this one!

    This is knit on Size 9 and 11 needles on super bulky weight yarn.  I got the required gauge with a Size 10 needle, so I used an 8 and a 10.  This used up about a skein of Lion Brand's Thick and Quick, and I made it in about two episodes of Luther.

    This is a perfect weekend project that makes a perfect weekend hat.  The knitted fabric is thick without being stiff, and then hat is slouchy without being too floppy.


    It's also very cute and warm.  So knit this for yourself!  Knit it for some slouchy hat-lovers on your Christmas list!  Try it out!  Maybe with a shorter brim!  Or a longer crown!  Whatever floats your hat-wearing boat!
    And sign up for the newsletter and get your weekends started with free patterns!

    Sorry about all the exclamation points.  I'm riding off the high of a great knitting weekend, and now I have a great slouchy hat pattern in my arsenal.  It's bound to get a girl excited.

  • Free Pattern Friday, and Other Things You Need in Your Life

    Happy Black Friday!  I know Black Friday isn't an official holiday, but, maybe it is.  By the time you read this, I'll be hunkered down at my parents' house way out in the country because it just seems safer there.  Whether you're at work doing business as usual, hiding at home with your sweatpants and leftovers, or you're one of those crazy souls out there shopping, I hope you're having fun and feeling safe.

    In the spirit of bargains and free stuff on this day of getting ALL THE THINGS, I thought I'd encourage you to sign up for the Leisure Arts newsletter if you aren't already a subscriber.  It's just a weekly email newsletter that lets you know what the fine folks at Leisure Arts are doing.  You'll learn about soon-to-be-released publications, sales on the website, and--drumroll here--get a free pattern!  And it's a real pattern!  It's a not reject from one of their books!  It's a real pattern from a real pattern book that's been carefully designed and test knitted/crocheted.  It's fantastic!

     My favorite part of this is that you check some boxes of your interests when you sign up for your weekly email.  If you check knitting or crocheting, or both, you get a pattern to suit your interests.  If you're a crocheter, you only get a crochet pattern.  There won't be Fridays where you're left hanging with a knitting pattern that's really great, but totally useless to you.

    My next-to-favorite part is that you won't be attacked by a bajillion spam emails once you're on the newsletter list.  I've been a subscriber for a while and my inbox has been fine.  It's important.

    I hope you're safe and enjoying yourself today, and I'm super pumped about writing posts about Christmas projects next week!  Yes, I'm sure most of us have already started our holiday crafting a long time ago.*  And I know plenty of you had your trees up before Halloween.  But I just can't post about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!  I'm just an old-fashioned blogger that way.  But I'm really looking forward to it.  And I can't wait to get started on that!

    *To those of you who haven't: bless your heart.

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