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  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Valentine's Day

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch For Valentine's Day

    Cross stitch a little something this Valentine's Day to show your friends, family, and loved ones how much you care! Nothing says I love you like the careful precision of cross stitch, and we've found lots of flowers and hearts to help you celebrate love with fun cross stitch gifts!

    1. A Fun Photo Album Cover:  Organize your favorite snapshots and mementos inside this "toad-aly" awesome cross stitch covered album for a great gift idea. Great for celebrating all the great times you've had with someone! Get the complete instructions, from stitching to attaching to a photo album, with the Toad-aly Awesome ePattern.

    Photo Album Gift For Valentine's Day

    2. A Stitched Cupid:  Forget the card this year, and stitch your loved one a classic little cupid instead! This little guy, complete with wings, bow and arrow, and a sash reading "Be Mine" is the perfect cross stitch expression of your love! This fun handmade gift is much more personal than anything store-bought. Create this great Valentine's Day gift now with The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer.

    Cupid Cross Stitch Gift For Valentine's Day

    3. A Cross Stitch Bouquet:  BGive your loved ones beautiful flowers this Valentine's Day - except with this beautiful cross stitch, they'll never die! These flowers are sure to bring a little pop of color to someones home and will look good on the wall year round! Cross stitch this floral Valentine's Day bouquet now with Fabulous Florals.

    Cross Stitch Bouquet For Valentine's Day

    4. A Celebration Of Love:  Celebrate love that has lasted with this adorable cross stitch pillow and sampler. A great gift to your lover or to recently married friends to help them commemorate their love. Stitch names and dates along with "To have and to hold; To love and to cherish" to complete these romantic pieces. Start cross stitching this perfect Valentine's Day gift now with The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer.

    Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Wedding Pillow

    5. A Celebration Of Friendship: Sentiments of love and friendship burst from this charming cross stitch design - a great Valentine's Day gift to show your love and appreciation for a close friend! Finish as a wall hanging that will look good on any wall! Cross stitch this great gift for your friend with Loving Hearts.

    Cross Stitch For Friend On Valentine's Day

    6. A Declaration of Your Love: Skip the card this year, and use a cross stitch to declare your love for that special someone. Cross stitch this beautiful sampler, decorated with flowers, hearts, and more, to tell someone "my heart is yours." Get started on your Valentine's Day gifts now with Samplers.

    Cross Stitch For Valentine's Day

    7. Flowers For The Bookworm: For a friend who loves reading, stitch them a flower this Valentine's Day. This floral bookmark is a perfect, quick gesture to show someone you're thinking about them. They're sure to think of you every time they use it! Stitch this great quick Valentine's gift now with Bookmark Medley.
    Floral Cross Stitch Bookmark For Valentine's Day

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Teenagers

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch Teenagers

    Create fun, unexpected gifts for the teenagers in your life this season - using cross stitch! Teenagers can be hard to find gifts for, but the key is to keep it fun. They will love these unique cross stitch gifts!

    1. A Humorous Life Lesson: Laugh at life a little bit thanks to the simple truth expressed in this quick-to-stitch design, and pass the wisdom on to a teenager this year. The stitched wording says, "When looking for a reason as to why things go wrong, never rule out sheer stupidity‚ Murphy's Law No. 8." A great gift for a teenager! Start stitching it now with the Stupidity ePattern.

    Funny Cross Stitch For Teens

    2. A Game To Play: This cross stitched board game is sure to get the teenagers off their phones for a bit. Start a new holiday tradition with a fun game of checkers - a great way to bond and have holiday fun! Give this great cross stitch gift with Antique Game Board Set.

    Cross Stitch Game For Teens

    3. Relatable Words For The Shopper: Teenagers who love shopping will relate to this cross stitch.  The stitched wording say "No matter how long or how hard you shop for an item, after you've bought it, it will go on sale somewhere cheaper." A perfect addition to the room of a shopping addict. Stitch it today with the Shopping ePattern.

    Cross Stitch Humor For Teens

    4. A Personalized Coffee Cozy: Whether the teenager on your list likes drinking coffee black or prefers tons of sugar and cream, they will love this cup cozy. Great as a stocking stuffer, or for a small gift. Create this great cross stitch gift and more with Kitchen Essentials.

    Cross Stitch Cozy For Teens

    5. Floral Stitched Decor: Make fun, colorful decor for the teenagers on your list. They will love brightening up their rooms with it! Use cross stitch as accents for a cork board photo frame or  a desk caddy, as shown, or dream up your own inventive ideas. Create these great gifts with Fabulous Florals. 

    Floral Cross Stitch Decor For Teens Floral Cross Stitch Decor For Teens

    6. A Stitch For Glass-Half-Empty People: Teens will love the humor of this stitch, especially if they are particularly pessimistic! The stitched wording says "An optimist believes we live in the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist fears this is true." Stitch this truth now with the ePattern.
    Cross Stitch Humor For Teens

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Kids

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch Kids

    Cross stitch a special gift for each kid on your list with these unique patterns. Whether they like sports or fairies, drawing or reading, kids will love these fun cross stitch gifts! Get started on making these great gifts in time for the holidays.

    1. A Place To Hang Their Art: Stitch the kid on your list a customized sign. They will love proudly displaying their handiwork using the clips below this fun stitched design. A charming bear artist presents the grand masterpiece with colorful flair. Create this fun cross stitch for kids now with the Look What I Did! ePattern.

    Art Frame for Kids

    2. A Personalized Sporty Stitch: If the kid on your list is into sports, celebrate their recent achievements with a certificate or create a fun nameplate they can proudly hang on the wall. Create fun designs for kids playing any sport - soccer, volleyball, bowling, golf, baseball, bouncy ball, tennis, basketball, hockey, football! Get inspired to make the perfect gift with the fun alphabets and accents found in Sports Alphabets.

    Sports Signs For Kids

    3. A Fun Bookmark: These playful bookmarks make great gifts to cross stitch for kids! There is something for every kid whether they would enjoy cute rainbows and swirly hearts, flowers and butterflies, or spaceships and planets. Get started on these fun bookmarks and great gifts now with X Marks The Spot.
    Cross Stitch Bookmarks For Kids

    4. A Sock Monkey Room Sign: On a personalized pillow for hanging on a chair or doorknob, playful monkeys magically transform a child's room into a land full of laughter and glee -- reminding us of the innocent joys of our youth. A great gift for kids! Create this great gift now with the ePattern.

    Cross Stitch Room Sign For Kids

    5. A Flower Fairy Ensemble: Set a fun mood with the whimsical, vibrant floral stitches that kids will love. Create this matching tote bag, phone case, journal, and key ring set for a great gift. With a toy phone and fake keys, kids will love to play pretend using this set! Stitch this fun fairy set now with Bright Blooms.

    Cross Stitch Fairy Set For Girls


    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Cat Lovers

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch Cat Lovers

    Do you need a gift for someone who loves cats? Give them cat-themed cross stitch gifts that they will cherish! Find the perfect gift to stitch any cat lover on your list, regardless of age!

    1.  A Humorous Reward Notice: Sometimes pet-lovers let their priorities get a bit topsy-turvy - your cat lover friend will relate. They will love this playful design that lets others know that furry friends come first in the house! Get started now with the Topsy-Turvy Reward ePattern.

    Funny Cross Stitch For Cat Lovers

    2.  The Purrfect Bookmarks: Cat lovers will love to curl up with a good book with these fantastic feline bookmarks. They're quick and easy to stitch, so they make a great gift! Create great cross stitch gifts for your cat lover friend now with Bookmark Medley.

    Cross Stitch Bookmarks For Cat Lovers

    3.  A Cross Stitch Cat Towel: Cat lovers can never get enough of cats, so they will love to accent their kitchen with this gift. They will be great for offering a warm welcome to visitors with towels featuring cuddly kittens. Create this great gift now with the Dog & Cat Welcome ePattern.

    Cross Stitch Cat Towel For Cat Lovers

    4.  A Cute Pillow: Give your friend a cuddly basket of kittens - in pillow form! This cute cross stitch features felines peeking from pansies and violets nestled in a basket. Your friend will love it! Great news -  Start stitching now with the Basket Of Kittens ePattern.

    Pillow For Cat Lovers

    5.  A Fun Wall Hanging: From atop a mountain of country quilts, two playful cats get a bird's-eye view of the mouse-chase below. Your cat lover friend will be delighted! Finish as a wall hanging quilted with a paw-print pattern to make a piece your friend will love to hang in their home! Get started on this unique cross stitch project now with the Cat's Meow Quilt ePattern.

    Cat Hanging For Women

    6. A Realistic Cat Portrait: Life is hard, and this adorable kitty cat cross stitch shares a special message encouraging us to keep hanging in there! What a thoughtful gift for a cat-fancying friend. Challenge yourself with this realistic pattern today with the Hanging Around ePattern.

    Hanging Around Cross Stitch For Cat Lovers

    6. A Whimsy Cat Stretching Its Legs: Combine the homey appeal of primitive samplers with a touch of modern flair, with these small stitched designs. A charming white cat stretching her legs is sure to delight your friend. Stitch your friend's favorite creature now with All Creatures Stitched & Small.

    Cat Cross Stitch For Cat Lovers

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Men

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch Men

    Men can be hard to cross stitch for, but found some unique gift ideas for you! Stitch these designs and he is sure to love them, whether he loves hunting or sports, and whether he farms, works in an office, or served in the military. Get started on these unique cross stitch gifts for men today!

    1. A Set Of Stitched Sports Towels: These sport themed towels will be great for him to take to the gym or decorate the bathroom with. There's a design for him here whether he loves soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, or even bodybuilding. Stitch one, or give the whole set. Give the man on your list these unique cross stitch towels from The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer.

    Cross Stitch Sports Towels For Men

    2. A Picturesque Scene: Capture the beauty of nature with incredibly realistic detail that the outdoorsman or hunter will be sure to appreciate. This Beautiful cross stitch pieces will make handsome home decor for his den, study, living room, or cabin. Start on this beautiful cross stitch piece today with Wildlife Portraits.

    Cross Stitch Wildlife Portrait For Men

    3. A Witty Quote: Give the gift of wisdom this year with this quick-to-stitch piece. Any man will be sure to get a laugh out of it. Start cross stitching the perfect gifts for the men  on your list now with this easy ePattern.

    Witty Cross Stitch For Men

    4. A Christmas Coffee Set: The Chocolate-Peppermint Coffee Mix recipe stored in a jar with a cross stitch-embellished jar lid will surely perk up a friend during the hectic Christmas season. To add sweetness to your gift, include a few peppermint sticks for stirring the holiday blend. The perfect, easy gift for a man who loves coffee. Try out this unique gift idea now with the Christmas Coffee ePattern.

    Christmas Coffee Cross Stitch For Men

    5. A Patriotic Stitch: Remember those who fought to keep our flag flying with this patriotic cross stitch piece featuring American military men from 1776, 1812, 1848, 1861, and 1900. Patriotic men, or men who have served their country, will love this design. He will hang it up to show how proud he is to be an American! Start this historical cross stitch now with the Lest We Forget ePattern.

    Patriotic Cross Stitch For Men

    6. A Handy List Of Office Excuses: If there is a man on your list in the office, he will totally understand this witty gift. He will love to hang up this list of excuses in the break room or in his cubicle. Some excuses include "I'm waiting for an okay" and "That's the way we've always done it." Perfect for professional slacker - stitch this gift today with the Office Excuses ePattern.
    Office Excuses Cross Stitch For Men

    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • Cross Stitch Gifts For Women

    Top Gifts To Cross Stitch Women

    Looking for something to stitch for a special woman in your life? These fun ideas are sure to please women of all ages, whether they want something pretty, functional, or funny.  Cross stitch a gift for everyone on your list to make this season extra special.

    1. A Funny Warning Sign: Any woman will get a chuckle out of the whimsical warning on this "hoppy" housekeeping sign. She will proudly put this cross stitch up in her house so these endearing bunnies let it be known that her house is in safe hands. Start stitching this fun pattern today with Killer Dust Bunnies ePattern.

    Dust Bunny Cross Stitch For Women

    2. A Kitchen Set For The Coffee Lover: If the woman on your list loves coffee, then she will love this stitched banner and napkin set!  It will be the perfect accent to her kitchen. Start on this great gift idea for women now with Kitchen Essentials.

    Cross Stitch Kitchen Set For Women

    3. A Sentimental Wall Hanging: Stitch sentiments of love, family, and friendship with this charming cross stitch design. A classic wall hanging for any home, made special because it's handmade for you! Celebrate your friends and family with this gift from Loving Hearts.

    Sentimental Cross Stitch For Women

    4. A Cross Stitched Pillow: Give great home decor to the woman on your list this season - bring a little pop of color to her home with the beautiful blooms in this stitch. Great for women who love flowers, gardening, or just nature! Start stitching this gift now with Fabulous Florals.

    Cross Stitch Pillow For Women

    5. A Humorous Stitch For The Cook: Give a humorous gift to get laughs from everyone at the gathering. Any woman will relate to the words of this stitch. She will love to hang it this bit of cross stitch wisdom over your kitchen sink to remind herself to laugh about kitchen duty. Stitch this clever design now with the Kitchen Law ePattern. 

    Funny Kitchen Sign For Women
    6. A Delicate Bookmark For The Bookworm: If the woman on your list loves to read, then a cross stitch bookmark will be a great gift! Fun designs read: "Once upon a time," "A good book is the best of friends," and more - choose the perfect bookmark to give the woman on your list with The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer.
    Cross Stitch Bookmarks For Women

    7. A Cute Set Of Coasters: Cross stitch this set of coasters as a gift and she will love how the designs add pizzazz to her tabletop while also protecting her furniture. Perfect for hot beverages when she has company over! Start stitching this gift set for the woman in your life today with Coasters.

    Cross Stitch Coasters For Women

    8. A Relatable Wall Hanging: Any woman with kids in the house is sure to recognize and appreciate this law. It will get a chuckle from everyone at the party, and from anyone who visits her home after she hangs it on the wall. Stitch the perfect saying today with the Household Geometry ePattern.
    Funny Stitch For Women
    Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts To Cross Stitch.

  • 4 Things You Subconsciously Do When You Are Crafting

    It has happened to all of us. You sit down to knit or crochet and suddenly 4+ hours have passed. You were really in the zone! While in the zone, sometimes you develop habits that you don’t even realize what you are doing.

    This happened to me recently and it got me thinking. What do I do when I’m crafting?
    So I came up with this list:
    4 Things Crafters Do While Crafting
    1. Think about your to-do list.
    We often think of other things we should do while crafting. Don’t get me wrong. I think it is important to schedule for craft time. However, life does go on around you. You think: “I should do the dishes, take out the trash, my friend’s birthday is coming up (I love birthdays), take the dog for a walk…” The list goes on.
    2. Solve problems.
    I don’t just mean problems related to your craft; I mean problems like world hunger. You overheard an opinion earlier that day. Even though you didn’t give your opinion, crafting time is a good time to figure out what that opinion would be if someone had asked you.
    3. Watch television.
    Or Netflix. At one point I thought it would be fun to name each project after what TV show I was watching while working on it. There is a joke about crafters getting through half a season and still not knowing what the characters look like. It’s the easiest thing to multitask with crafting!
    4. Not realize someone is talking to you.
    So there you are in the crafting zone. You slowly realize someone is talking to you. You have, however, realized this too late and don’t know the context. You are forced to decide whether to nod and smile, or acknowledge that you weren't paying attention. Happens to me all the time! I usually go with the nod unless I sense distress.

    Thanks for reading! I hope you get a laugh when you find yourself doing any one of these things! 
    Stay Crafty!
  • Christmas in July Sale!

    It's time for a Christmas in July sale!  If you head over to the Leisure Arts website and check out their sale on Christmas items, you can really get into the Christmas spirit without entering a crowded store blaring "The Little Drummer Boy" over loudspeakers and straight into your brain.  The coupon code "JulyChristmas" will take 25% off of some great Christmas patterns and craft books.  I was looking through some of the books on sale and now I'm full of festive ideas.

    And naturally, I have to talk about them.

    Are you a cross stitch person?  Look at these cross stitch stockings from Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection!  The designs remind me of something out a children's storybook.  I love how cheerful they look.

    Then there are these knitted stocking patterns from the Stocking Trio epattern. Look at that stripey one!  It's really pretty, but looks simple enough that I can delude myself into thinking I could make it!  I tend to get a bit over-ambitious with my Christmas crafting ideas.  Whatever.  There's still time.

    If you'd rather crochet a Christmas stocking, that's cool too because there's Crochet Christmas Stockings.  I love all the different types of stocking patterns that this book has.

    Because, you guys?  I could write a whole post about this carrot stocking.  Why do you need a carrot stocking?  Does this make it acceptable to keep your Christmas decorations out until Easter?  Could this double as baby bunting?  Do I need any more reasons to convince myself to crochet this?  Because I'm really feeling it.  It even has roots!

    If you're looking for even more amazing crochet designs, then there's the pattern for Crocheted Thread Snowball ornaments.  I think these are stunning.  

    There are also these crocheted angels.  My Mamaw made us a few of them, and I kind of "borrowed" one for my Christmas tree after I got married.  These are my very favorite tree toppers.  They're so beautiful and make such wonderful heirlooms.

    If a more modern look is your thing, then Jolly Stuff looks pretty good.  I don't know when owl crafts are going to be played out, but I hope it's not any time soon because I think they're really cute. I think "jolly" is a sorely underused term for happy holiday things.  


    Okay.  I kind of don't want to talk about this one because then my mom will know about it.  But maybe she already does.  Look Mom, here's some Christmas quilt patterns!  I have a copy of Christmas Sparkle if you want to look at it (and I'm pretty sure you do).  These designs are incredibly lovely. 

    And to my dad, or anyone else who is not ready for the most festive of seasons: sorry. 

    To everyone else: the sale ends July 31, so you may as well get crazy while you can.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Learn to Crochet: Crochet Cross Stitch

    I tried to crochet the Crisscross dishcloth from Dishcloths one time.  It's the bright green one:

    It didn't go that well.  But I think I'll try again this weekend.  It's a cute pattern, and I'd like to master the art of crocheting the cross stitch. I like dishcloths for trying out new stitches because it gives me plenty of opportunity to practice new techniques and the project is quick enough to keep me from getting tired of it.  I'll definitely be trying out the cross stitch technique on this pattern.  I like the look of it, and I want to know more about this weird, crisscrossed stitch.

    Maybe I didn't watch this video enough times for my last attempt to be successful.  It helps me to watch a video tutorial 3 or 4 times before trying a new stitch, and then watching the video a few more times while I'm trying the new stitch.  I tend to go through a lot of trial and error(s) whenever I try something new, but once I understand something it tends to stick in my brain after that.

    Even if I wasn't motivated to make an ungodly number of dishcloths, I still think I'd want to learn how to do the crochet cross stitch.  This is just icing on the motivation cake.  I know that didn't make much sense.  I'm sorry, but I'm a little distracted.  And if you'll excuse me, I have a video to go watch.

    Over and over again.

  • Halloween ePatterns for Inspiration!

    Holiday season’s coming up, and I always like to have an appropriately holiday-themed project to work on for each occasion. With Halloween on the horizon, I thought I’d take another look at some of my favorite ePatterns from our website to cross stitch, crochet, stitch on plastic canvas, sew and paint…
    Cross Stitch...
    Happy Halloween! Cross Stitch ePattern—Any of these little designs would be fun on a Halloween shirt to wear to work!
    Halloween Wear Applique ePattern—Black cats for my sweatshirt!
    I just love this Halloween Bear Crochet ePattern! He’s got such a sweet face.
    Spiderweb Doily Thread Crochet ePattern—This quick little doily will make a nice addition to your Halloween décor.
    Plastic Canvas...
    Halloween Hobgoblins Plastic Canvas ePattern—These magnets are fun on the fridge, or you can add a pin back for a simple wardrobe accent.
    Halloween Treats Plastic Canvas ePattern—If you follow this blog at all, you already know I’m a fan of the black cats.
    Punkin the Sock Monkey ePattern—How could you resist a sock monkey in a pumpkin costume?
    Spookie Ghost Ivy Bowl Paint ePattern—I may need to paint an ivy bowl this year as a Halloween treat for a friend!
    What’s your project for Halloween this year? Need more inspiration? Check out all of our Halloween-themed publications and patterns!

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